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Theatre of Dreams: Wendy Addison’s Ephemera Art

It all started with a fairy, or so it seems to Wendy Addison. In a small garage behind her house twenty years ago, she...
terri foss enchanted living magazine

Artist Terri Foss Chats About Manifesting Magic

We’ve long been enchanted by artist Terri Foss, whose Instagram feed is full of her incredibly charming, witchy paintings of crescent moons and wild,...

Fairies in Advertising

Fairies are notorious for tricking folks into making bad decisions. (See Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream: transformations, potions, falling in love with jackasses.) So it’s natural...
Grace Nuth, Enchanted Living Magazine, Svetlana Matveeva artist from Russia. Fairy Tale Inspired

Butterfly Creatures

When fabric and multimedia artist Svetlana Matveeva was a young child of four growing up in Russia, she and a friend agreed to “go...
“The Moon” from the Divine Feminine Tarot by Corina Nika. www.cocorrina.com

Dark Moon Decadence

Feature Image: “The Moon” from the Divine Feminine Tarot by Corina Nika. www.cocorrina.com You can tell a new tale from an old one by the...

Anijsmelk: A True Dutch Treat

Article taken from Issue #37 || Winter 2016 Print || Digital Text and Photography by Paul Himmelein Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals, Jan Vermeer—think back to the days of...

Tips on Creating A Painting Using Acrylic or Watercolor Paints

Set up a comfortable and peaceful area to begin your art. This may include lighting a candle or incense and playing your favorite music...
Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

The Enchanting Art of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Fairyland is everywhere, so why not Australia? I still remember walking into a bookstore in San Francisco and finding a large clothbound volume called...

The Art of Darla Teagarden

Austin artist Darla Teagarden brings magic realism literally to light in the medium of photography, leaving the viewer intrigued, wonderfully tantalized—one might even say...

The Daydream of a Monk

Above an Empire sofa in our master bedroom hangs a huge 19th century etching. We salvaged it from an attic before a family house...