Cat Covens: The Medieval-Inspired Art of Kjersti Faret

From Cloisters to Cat Covens: The Medieval-Inspired Art of Kjersti Faret

We’ve long been fans of Cat Coven, the online shop of Brooklyn artist Kjersti Faret that features her art hand-printed on clothing, accessories, and all manner of home décor. Her signature and logo of...
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Raiment for a Faerie Queen

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ELIZABETH ELDER What better way to end an homage to faerie queens than with a magical, glittering queen riding on a unicorn? In fact, when said queen (model Courtney Allegra) and her enchanted...


A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY BY HELENA AGUILAR MAYANS     "Sehnsucht” is a German noun, hard to translate into other languages. It could be translated as nostalgia, longing, yearning, desire ... or the yearning for an unknown or...
Martin Podt Forest

Into The Forest

We asked a few of our favorite forest photographers to tell us about some of their most enchanted woodland images. Garett Mensching I discovered this tree while walking on a misty, rainy, but deeply inspiring afternoon...
Grandmother Ponderosa Extract by The Wondersmith

Grandmother Ponderosa Extract

Many plants seem to represent an archetype or personality to me, which is often a reflection of their usage in folk medicine or even stories or legends about them. Elderflower is playful and ethereal...

Ten Activities For A Creative Autumn

Embroider a few of your autumnal sweaters with golden leaves at the cuffs. Collect and press the biggest, brightest leaves you can find for a leaf mobile to hang from your ceiling—and fill...
MY RENAISSANCE Dress: Rose Savage @rosesavagebridal Crown: Carbickova Crowns @carbickovacrowns

Photography by Yinsey Wang

“The world of self-portraiture helped me envision myself in completely new ways, incorporating myth and fairy-tale aesthetics and a chance to assert my belonging in this space. As a full-time lawyer, it is absolutely...

Embracing Your Shadow

PHOTOGRAPHY BY STEVE PARKE   Many of us try to avoid our dark side completely, but the truth is our light would not exist without our darkness. Even the most spiritually advanced of us experiences anger,...
Sven Fennema and Helena Aguilar Mayans Photography Enchanted Living Magazine

The Beauty of Yesteryear

The curving, distinctive lines of Art Nouveau buildings retain their glamour even when caked with dust or overgrown with vegetation. In fact, it might be even more fitting to witness an Art Nouveau creation...

Soulful Beasties

At first glance, Sophie Gamand’s photographs of pit bulls, that most maligned and feared breed of canines, are simply lovely. Each artfully depicts a pooch, bedecked endearingly with a crown of flowers, in a...