Twelve Things You Might Find Inside A Modern Romantic’s Knapsack

Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden • First, the knapsack itself will be sturdy and large, made of worn leather or canvas. Perhaps it is a tapestry bag with a design of trees and leaves on...
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Strange Dialogue: Picture and Prose

Springtime (when fancies turn to thoughts of love) is high time to swap that dog-eared, fly-specked, bookworm-infested copy of The Hobbit you’ve been carting around since the fourth grade for something befitting the sophisticate...

The Illustrated Conjurings of Daria Hlazatova

Daria Hlazatova is capable of magic. Paper is her cauldron, and pens are her wands. With these, she summons worlds wherein each person inhabits an infinite kingdom of which they become the prophetess, the...

Enchanting Words From Pendragon Shoes

If anyone can make shoes fit for a magical beast and those who love them, it's these enchanted Australian cobblers. And a few words from Pendragon:Since we started Pendragon Shoes back in 1987, we have always...
Enchanted Living Magazine, Photographer/Costumes: Carri Angel Photography Second Photographer: Ange Harper Models: Ian Hencher, Sorcha Verey, The Druidess Of Midian Headdress: Under the Ivy

A Forest Fable

Photography by CARRI ANGEL PHOTOGRAPHY and ANGE HARPER When model and artist (and elf) Ian Hencher learned that we were doing a forest-themed issue, he knew he wanted to collaborate with a team that could “connect with...
Alyssa Blackwell Broomsticks

Blackwell and Broomsticks

Alyssa Blackwell is busily preparing for a craft popular handmade brooms will be bought and treasured by purchasers from all over the Portland, Oregon, area. Less than four years ago, she’d never made a...

Gold Fairy Glow

“What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?” —Oscar Wilde I call this DIY green-gold herbal libation the Gold Fairy in homage to that notorious spirit of the fin de siècle period,...

If Wishes Were Mittens

As twilight touched the snowy, wooded landscape, the little girl saw her worried mother standing on the front porch of the tiny cottage and knew she was probably in trouble. The girl hid her...
Lillian Liu_ Sea Fae

Photography by Lillian Liu

These images showcase the range of Asian inspirations. The first features mermaids and fairies blended with some visual references to Taoist deities. The self-portrait “Hallowed Deer” (opposite) presents a Chinese historical-fantasy look inspired by...

Mori Girl Child Of The Forest

PHOTOGRAPHER HAKARYO WITH AMARIS PHOTOGRAPHY MODEL ZING RUBY Japan: culture of both Miyazaki's mythic forests and trend-setting Tokyo. It’s a land of creative expression, and one very visible outlet for this expression is fashion. Over the last...