Stitch Magic

PHOTOGRAPHY BY GRACE NUTH I encountered intentional sewing as a concept when my Gothic-literature-loving mother gave me Barbara Michaels’s Georgetown trilogy, which explores the possibility of human emotion and, indeed, magic actively embedded into objects—a...
Madonna (1895–1902), by Edvard Munch

The Eternal Feminine of The Damned

Imagine this: A nubile dancer named Salome struts before a lustful king. She wields her bejeweled half-dressed body like a weapon. Her desire? To gain the head of John the Baptist, which floats before...

Toby Froud and The Dark Crystal

All photos © Kevin Baker / Netflix As the son of famed fairy painter Brian Froud and fairy sculptor Wendy Froud, artist Toby Froud grew up in the idyllic Devon countryside, surrounded by creatures of...
All photos © Olga Valeska

Olga Valeska: An Authentically Folkloric Life

All photos © Olga Valeska Authenticity is such an important quality in a truly cozy, hygge life. And in this digital age of constant communication and social media influencers making us feel inadequate, it’s increasingly...

A Faerie Village of Gingerbread & Snow

  Article taken from Issue #33 || Winter 2015 Print || Digital Photos by Vince Chafin Here’s a fun project to satisfy your faerie’s sweet tooth, have a fun family day, and create a magical look for your winter table!...
Amy Rose

Floral Fox Art – The Botanical Paintings of Amy Rose

Lilacs were not supposed to bloom in July, that was a simple botanical fact, at least it had been until now. Girls in the neighborhood had begun to whisper that if you kissed the...

The Magic Within

Discover the power of magic within to find courage and overcome life's challenges. Join Aiysha Sinclair on her inspiring journey of self-discovery and growth, as she taps into her inner strength to navigate illness and embrace life's beauty. Experience her enchanted photo shoot, where she embodies her essence as a fantasy fairy, adorned with a crown of feathers and beads, embracing the elements and the divine. Explore Aiysha Sinclair's work and be inspired by her story of resilience and self-empowerment at and

Imagine Cordwood

Imagine a building style that encourages creativity and whimsy yet manages to be energy efficient and code compliant. If this combination appeals to you, then you should get acquainted with cordwood construction. Cordwood uses...
Game Of Thrones by Mona Fuchs Art Nouveau Faerie Magazine Enchanted Living Magazine

Enchanting Interview with Artist Mona Fuchs

  In Art Nouveau news, we've recently fallen for the stunning work of German artist Mona Fuchs, whom you can find on Instagram at (and order prints from at, because of her Art Nouveau renderings...

Paper Moon Tutorial

For our celestial cover shoot, we tapped Baltimore artist Nichole Leavy to create a full-scale paper moon for the shoot in photo editor Steve Parke’s studio. (Leavy created the painted backdrop for our winter...