Stamped With Immortality

A piece on Elizabeth Siddal (July 25, 1829–February 11, 1862) by Helena Aguilar Mayans and The Seamstress of RohanTo produce any work on Elizabeth Siddal requires a constant struggle between myth and reality, fact and...
Enchanted Living Magazine, Photographer/Costumes: Carri Angel Photography Second Photographer: Ange Harper Models: Ian Hencher, Sorcha Verey, The Druidess Of Midian Headdress: Under the Ivy

A Forest Fable

Photography by CARRI ANGEL PHOTOGRAPHY and ANGE HARPER When model and artist (and elf) Ian Hencher learned that we were doing a forest-themed issue, he knew he wanted to collaborate with a team that could “connect with...
The Night Goddess Elven Corset Dress, Etsy, Model: Luce Del Sole Makeup: Jane Von Vintage Halo: Hysteria Machine Photography: Studio Sheridan’s Art Dress: Alice Corsets

The Night Goddess

The Night Goddess Elven Corset Dress, by Ukranian designer Alisa Perova of Alice Corsets, caused a sensation when she debuted it on social media, and our team at Enchanted Living was smitten as well....

Druids Dance

Photography by Ange Harper “There’s no place on earth with more of the old superstitions and magic mixed into its daily life than the Scottish Highlands.” —Diana Gabaldon, Outlander Figures in white emerge from the swirling mists...
Beauty and the Beast, by John Dickson Batten © Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Rebellion, Nature, and, Above All, Beauty

Feature Image: Beauty and the Beast, by John Dickson Batten © Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. With a passion for nature and real rather than idealized notions of beauty, Britain’s Pre-Raphaelites were the rebels of the...

Autumn Beauty Magic

  The season of the Witch is upon us!  As the last of the harvest festivals draws near, we have a unique opportunity to release the old and embrace the new. What better time for...

Soulful Beasties

At first glance, Sophie Gamand’s photographs of pit bulls, that most maligned and feared breed of canines, are simply lovely. Each artfully depicts a pooch, bedecked endearingly with a crown of flowers, in a...

The Legacy of Black Fae Day

Photo by CoreElements Photography Without Black Fae Day (@blackfaedayofficial on Instagram), there would be no Enchanted Asian Day (@enchantedasianday on Instagram). It was the efforts of Black Fae Day to showcase the incredible works of...

Enchanting Words From Pendragon Shoes

If anyone can make shoes fit for a magical beast and those who love them, it's these enchanted Australian cobblers. And a few words from Pendragon:Since we started Pendragon Shoes back in 1987, we have always...
Summer Goddess (2020), by Margo Selski Oil on linen

This Year’s Enchanted Living Award Winner: Margo Selski

Read about artist Margo Selski's Summer Goddess, winner of the Enchanted Living Award in the Art Renewal Center’s 16th International ARC Salon Competition. Selski shares insights about her creative process and inspiration, including her Southern Gothic upbringing and fascination with fairy tales and mythology. Her work features surreal and magical realistic oil paintings of women in ornate garments and armor, oversized rabbits in oxford wing-tip shoes, insects on leashes, and young lady underwater gardening societies. Selski also discusses her experimental technique of planned pentimento, intentionally hiding images and words under thin opaque layers of handmade oil paint, which reveal themselves over time.