Virginia Hankins Lady Knight

You might recognize our cover model—female knight, professional archer, mermaid, and entrepreneur Virginia Hankins—from our Spring 2014 issue, in which we told you all about...
Falling Through Time Outlander Faerie Magazine Diana Gabaldon

Falling Through Time Outlander

Photography: Steve Parke Gown/Styling: Justina A. Prince Model: Sarah Bentman MUA and Hair: Nikki Verdecchia of NV Salon Collective When the day shall come, that we...

Druids Dance

Photography by Ange Harper “There’s no place on earth with more of the old superstitions and magic mixed into its daily life than the Scottish...

We Have Enchanting News!!

Hello! So we hope you're having a gorgeous Friday and we hope to make it more gorgeous with some exciting news. Those of you who...
Photo by Vincent Anderson on Unsplash

Mermaid Summer: June Giveaway!

We hope you've had a gorgeous week and are getting ready for an even gorgeouser weekend! To celebrate summer being almost here, not to...

The Magical Beasts of Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya

Late last year on social media I saw the most extraordinary image: three very different women holding three very different foxes, all in hues...
Holly Black Library Enchanted Living Magazine

A Writer’s Cozy Lair

When I set up my very first office, I bought a modern glass-and-steel desk. It seemed clean and orderly. The problem was that I’m...

An Interview With Sonalii Castillo & Some Faerie News

So we hope you are having a gorgeous Wednesday eve -- how could you not be? -- and thought we'd beautify it further with...

Merry Christmas from all of us at Faerie Magazine!

  We hope you're having a gorgeous, magical day whether you're celebrating with family or out frolicking with the fairies and/or engaging in any number...
Faerie Magazine Outlander Issue

Sneak Peak of the Outlander Issue

We thought we'd show you a sneak peek from our Outlander issue (don't forget to subscribe or get the single issue HERE if you...