Always Conjure Midnight Margaritas

A Checklist for Living Like the Aunts
Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts—or Santarella Western, Tolkien

Storybook Santarella

Photography by Ren Nickson Photography   “The path was now plain before them, well-tended and bordered with stone. It wound up on to the top of...

What is Sour in the House, A Bracing Walk Makes Sweet

As difficult as it can be for me to believe sometimes, there are people out there who just don’t get foraging. Why spend an...

A Celebration of Moss

A MOSS-GAZING DINNER FIT FOR ELVES Imagine you’re on a journey through Mirkwood Forest, and you and your companions stumble across a small clearing and...

Medicinal Mushroom Cocoa

Reishi was called the mushroom of immortality in ancient China, as it was believed to be a cure for many age-related ailments. It represented...

Animals And Plants To Bring Inside Now For Good Fortune

• Spiders: Encourage your friendly household spiders. They bring good luck—and sometimes money. According to French tradition, spiders seen in the afternoon are harbingers...
© Grace Nuth

Tea Inspired by Story

Photography by © Grace Nuth In Outlander, the time-swept heroine Claire Randall carves out a purpose for herself as a healer. Deborah Wilkie, the owner of Albion...
Crystal decor by Sarah Sparkles for ENVY installation at Bonnet Bash- Carnival of Capital Sins

Enchanting Party Planning

Caption: Crystal decor by Sarah Sparkles for ENVY installation at Bonnet Bash- Carnival of Capital Sins   On a cool spring night you stroll down the...
Illustration by Rachel Oakes

The Herbs of Practical Magic

Illustration by Rachel Oakes. Practical magic is, by its very nature, practical, as can certainly be seen by some of the many, many wondrous herbs...

A Fairy-Tale Tea Party

What could be more fun than combining two of our most beloved treasures, tea and fairy tales, into a lovely party? Setting teapots and...