So we hope you are having a gorgeous Wednesday eve — how could you not be? — and thought we’d beautify it further with some lovely news. We’ve introduced you more than once to Sonalii Castillo, who was a contributing photographer to our spring 2016 cover feature (find the issue here) on True Blood actress Kristina Anapau, with shots like these….

Aren’t they lovely? Tricia Saroya built those wondrous sets, including that flower robe, at her fairy-filled ranch near Santa Barbara! She also made those flower crowns — and shows us how to make our own in The Faerie Handbook — and styled everything you see! (You can also see more of Sonalii’s photography here (AND you can see Tricia’s latest handiwork in our new mermaid issue that should be in stores and swimming its way to subscribers right now. You can subscribe here if you haven’t yet and be eligible for our June giveaway!)

Then Sonalii went from photographer to cover model with our autumn 2016 Victoriana issue (which you can find here) shot by Steve Parke and styled by Tricia (with wardrobe from Kambriel):

Here are some more shots from the fairies-emerging-in-the-wood-and-playing-dress-up-and-having-a-tea-party feature inside (along with models Andrew Burger and Tanya Bjork):

Eagle-eyed readers might recognize Sonalii from the just-released The Mermaid Handbook, too, peeking out from under mermaid crowns and over mermaid shell treasure chests (all from Tricia):

During that same impromptu shoot In Beverly Hills (during Steve’s book tour for his book Picturing Prince, which, coincidentally, you can also find in the Faerie shop!), Steve took photos like these too:

Because she is a magical creature who obviously never sleeps, Sonalii will also appear in Faerie Knitting, the new book by Alice Hoffman and Lisa Hoffman based on the column the two did for Faerie Magazine from autumn 2015 until autumn 2017! (All photography in the book is also by Steve, and you can find all those back issues here:

Sonalii has appeared in all manner of commercials and music videos (like this Maxwell one) and more, but we’re so excited to learn that she’s just booked a part in an upcoming CW show “The Outpost,” which begins airing on July 10! Look at her in her un-fairy disguise:

Of course we had to ask Sonalii a few questions, since we are extremely nosy:

So tell us about this new show you’re part of. What is it about? 
I am so excited to finally share with you that I booked a part in the new upcoming show title “The Outpost” that begins airing July 10th at 9pm on the CW. The show follows Talon, the lone survivor of the Blackbloods, as she sets off to track her family’s killers, and discovers her supernatural powers, which she must learn to harness. The show is full of magick and mystery and it brings us into a world long forgotten and told about in a very unique way. It’s safe to say that the show has its own versions of fae people, vampires, and monsters and is full of mysticism. I want to say more but I can’t give away too much of the storyline.

Tell us about your character. How much do you relate to her?
I play the role of ‘Essa Khan’ a nomadic warrior and bounty huntress. She is definitely not a good guy, at least not from what you see. I do have hopes for her though as her character develops. She was hired by Lord Dred to go hunt for a relic and is given permission to acquire it by any means necessary even killing those that get in her way. She is a loner. She lives by her rules and is afraid of no one. Her only motivation is money. She has no loyalties. I dubbed her the Tasmanian devil of The Outpost because she has a lot of similarities to Taz. She is a loner, speaks in broken english, doesn’t like people, has an attitude problem and has sharp teeth. She acts first then asks questions later, if at all. We are actually very similar. I am quite the loner and I am a nature baby. I love the desert and see the beauty and strength in it. Essa respects strength and so do I. I also have an attitude problem and am very physical so I cannot wait to really dive into her character as much as the story lines will let me.

What are some other roles you’ve taken on?
I’ve played an assassin, a crime lord, a nanny, a prisoner, and others but none as memorable as Essa. Although playing an assassin is also really fun.

We know one of your past roles has been Faerie Magazine cover model! Can you tell us about that?
That was such a fun role. I am definitely a fairy. My entire imagination since I was a child has always been based in magick and the old world  and fairies and magickal creatures. Which is why becoming Essa is so great for me because it keeps me in that realm. For Faerie Magazine, I got to be a fairy for a day. Dancing around, eating sweets and having tea with other fairies of my realm. I love the world of make believe and also knowing that there is magick all around us in every way. Being a fairy queen for a day and on a cover made my inner five-year-old soul happy and I felt so fulfilled. It was also amazing for  girls and women who look like me to be represented in such a way because we fairies come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I’m ambiguous so I get to cover an entire panel and that’s fantastic. I always want to be a strong positive light.

What are you most passionate about?
I’m passionate about life. Love. The idea that everything in its own way and right is possible. I’m passionate in ones voice. In being heard. In being able to live your passion and your dream. Whatever makes your soul sing, not just happy, that is your passion. Of course I am passionate about animals and how they are treated. I’m passionate about our planet and its preservation. I am passionate about so many things, but for me it all starts with us. With what’s inside. A person can conquer the world and do great things if their passion is fueled by the right kind of fire. So for me, having ones passion fulfilled is so important and that begins with me.

Any advice for other fairy lovers out there pursuing their dreams?
I would tell my fairy lovers to dream, to dream so big that your mind needs room. Because it all begins with a thought, and it grows from there. If you believe it, dream it, oh trust me it is possible. Don’t live by other people’s standard, that will drive you crazy and will discourage you. Learn about what you are dreaming about, learn how others have gotten there, how you can take steps to get there. Don’t count on others unless they can help you. Count on yourself because that way you are accountable to just you. Believe in you. Trust you. Aim for the sun and you will surely pass some shooting stars and kiss the moon.

Isn’t that awesome? We suspect that Sonalii is not the only television badass who is secretly a fairy…. and we hope you’ll support this fairy in coming months!

We’ll write more soon… Until next time, stay enchanted!

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