Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

The Enchanting Art of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Fairyland is everywhere, so why not Australia? I still remember walking into a bookstore in San Francisco and finding a large clothbound volume called...

Semita Vitiae Tarot Deck by Artist Mary Ann Hess

We want to tell you about artist Mary Ann Hess and her Semita Vitiae Tarot deck, the product of her decades-long spiritual and life journey....
Celestial Pablum (1958), by Remedios Varo

The Caged Moon

Feature Image: Celestial Pablum (1958), by Remedios Varo If you plan to travel to Mexico City, you will likely be cautioned, both by the internet and...
Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses (1891), by John William Waterhouse

Power and Isolation of Circe: The Artistic Journey of John William...

Feature Image: Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses (1891), by John William Waterhouse Image Courtesy Wikimedia CommonsOnce upon a time there was a talented young painter...
Summer Goddess (2020), by Margo Selski Oil on linen

This Year’s Enchanted Living Award Winner: Margo Selski

Read about artist Margo Selski's Summer Goddess, winner of the Enchanted Living Award in the Art Renewal Center’s 16th International ARC Salon Competition. Selski shares insights about her creative process and inspiration, including her Southern Gothic upbringing and fascination with fairy tales and mythology. Her work features surreal and magical realistic oil paintings of women in ornate garments and armor, oversized rabbits in oxford wing-tip shoes, insects on leashes, and young lady underwater gardening societies. Selski also discusses her experimental technique of planned pentimento, intentionally hiding images and words under thin opaque layers of handmade oil paint, which reveal themselves over time.

How to Pose in Gothic Architecture

Photography by GIORGIA DAPHNE When you vacation among the cathedrals and ruins of Europe or even spend the night in a stateside Victorian B&B, it...

The Art of Broomcraft

Article from the Autumn 2022 Vintage Witch Issue.   Enchanted Living is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted.  Subscribe now and begin with our...

Beneath the Witch’s Hat

Photography by Alassie It’s as essential—as elementary really—to the vintage witch as a broom or flowing skirts. No, even more so. Much more than pointy...

Cabinet of Curious Clay

If you enjoy well-made, gleaming gorgeous ceramics but prefer your pottery festooned with ghosts, bats, skeletons, and the occasional demon or in the form...

Séance Stitches

You might not realize how much you covet intricate embroidery depicting scenes of graveyards, spiritualist-era séances, and the occasional Black Phillip until you see...