Photography by Courtney Fox

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Photography by Courtney Fox   What sweeter balm than nature to soothe the lonely soul? In this poem, Wordsworth gives his readers a Romantic description of...

A Silent Wood

O silent wood, I enter thee With a heart so full of misery For all the voices from the trees And the ferns that cling about my...

The Root Queen’s Winter

Photography by MICHAELA DURISOVA The root queen knows your secret hopes. The root queen knows your heart The root queen’s crown is thorn and branch; her garden, silver...
Photography by Ange Harper Model- The Druidess Of Midian, Alice Hoffman, Enchanted Living Magazine

How To Recognize A Witch

Photography by Ange Harper Model: The Druidess Of Midian Walk down the path into the woods. You don’t need a lantern, you don’t need light. You’ve been...
©Alexander Kitsenko

Rapunzel Tucks the Twins into Bed

Article From 2014 Spring Issue #26 Subscribe // Print // Digital Sing your song for us, mamma, they cry, sing your song, sing your song, small white cheeks upon pillows, bright...
© Julia Jeffrey

The Seal Wife

Illustration by Julia Jeffrey of Stonemaiden Art Sometimes when we fight, I want to slip on my seal skin and disappear beneath the waves. I warned you when...
Brian and Wendy Froud

Dreaming Faerie

Cover Images by ©Brian and Wendy Froud I dream of green eyes and the silent fall of petals on my hair; the sound of someone...
Peter Horree / Alamy Stock Photo

Silver-Eyed Lilínabalén is Charmed from the Sea

Feature Image Credit:  Peter Horree / Alamy Stock Photo He drifted through kelp, broken scalp diffusing red like squid ink clouding itself. Crowded, the spiny urchins hinged their...

Snow Angel

Illustration by Marina Mika We know you only by your absence. The hole left behind, pressed through the drifts like something fallen from a great distance. Wings shorter than...

The Little Mermaid Warns You, You May Have Already Become Forgotten

Painting by Anne Bachelier Your once-silken voice will desert you, your legs will make every step on land a torture. There will come a time when you...