We have a sweet message from our friend Sherry L. Ross, poetess extraordinaire, whose collection Falling Through Time is also quite fae and mushroom-attracting.

She says:

Nothing bewitches us more than spring in all her glory and May means spring is fully upon us. Spring blesses us with her eternal gifts of rebirth and revitalization. Beltane has recently passed and mid-summer night dreams are not far away. The faery world is busy again at the edge of our gardens and our hopes of catching a glimpse of sprite or fae are elevated. For those of us who garden and are fortunate to have a bit of land to work with, we are now fully engaged in our partnership with Nature and enjoying the return of flora favorites or are adding to our cultivations. I don’t plant as ambitiously as when I was younger, but I always have my herb garden; though the best chives are always foraged wild in the woods beyond my backyard gate.  Below, I’m delighted to share a poem… one that speaks of what gardening means to me. I also think it has a witchy vibe, sprinkled with a dusting of fae. It’s from my poetry book, Falling Through Time. I hope it casts a happy spell over you day.

We See What We Want to See

My feet squish on the wet lawn.
Pieces of mowed grass stick to
my sneakers. Slugs are feeding on the
hostas mix in the shade at the edge of the garden.
Beetles have arrived on the roses.
The ground is writhing with life.
We see what we want to see and
sometimes what we don’t.
Eyes are everywhere, objective and
single-minded. Now the sound of rain
overwhelms the noise of chewing. 
I will not resort to poison.
Ferns and pink astilbe make love
under the ivy which winds around a
piece of driftwood we placed here years ago,
a green patina spreading across its silver surface.
I enter the far gate onto a carpet of moss.
I imagine I hear the splash of water – a fountain
with shallow pool and bronzed satyr
holding court. It is all so real, this mirage.
Everything changes and yet remains the same.
A vision of what has been and what will come.
A vision of what is now and what will never be.
A time to pinch off dead azalea blooms.

I wish you all a most wonderful springtime and a splendid summer ahead. Reading a book of poetry out in nature on a beautiful day, or sharing out loud with friends of a summer evening, is a great way to enjoy and become engaged with poetry. I believe my poetry is accessible and surprising, beautiful with a good measure of the magical. I hope you’ll give Falling Through Time a try.
You can find it here on Amazon!


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