Toby Froud and The Dark Crystal

All photos © Kevin Baker / Netflix As the son of famed fairy painter Brian Froud and fairy sculptor Wendy Froud, artist Toby Froud grew up in the idyllic Devon countryside, surrounded by creatures of...

One:Eleven Pottery

Photography by Steve Parke It’s about legend and myth. Intention. Nature and the wild—within as well as without. The four elements and spirituality, healing and metaphysics. Ritual. The power found in connection as well as in...
terri foss enchanted living magazine

Artist Terri Foss Chats About Manifesting Magic

We’ve long been enchanted by artist Terri Foss, whose Instagram feed is full of her incredibly charming, witchy paintings of crescent moons and wild, solitary figures standing alongside pumpkins and crows and cats and...

Witches Through the Ages

A COLLABORATION BY THE SEAMSTRESS OF ROHAN AND HELENA AGUILAR MAYANS –––– Photography by Helena Aguilar Mayans Additional photography by Maria Simarro Losada The idea for the Witches Through the Ages series was born in late 2016, when...

Mister Finch Lives in a Fairy Tale World

All images, except where noted, from Mister Finch: Living in a Fairytale World by Mister Finch © 2014, published by Glitterati Incorporated. Article From 2014 Winter Issue #29 Subscribe // Print // Digital Ask Mister Finch to inscribe his book...
Alphonse Mucha, The Nature, around 1900. Collection F. W. Neess, Photo- Museum Wiesbaden : Bernd Fickert

The Exhibition of A Lifetime

Feature Image: Alphonse Mucha, The Nature, around 1900. Collection F. W. Neess, Photo- Museum Wiesbaden : Bernd Fickert They come one after another, these treasures, nearly too many, too much, to absorb. There are the...

Tips on Creating A Painting Using Acrylic or Watercolor Paints

Set up a comfortable and peaceful area to begin your art. This may include lighting a candle or incense and playing your favorite music in the background. I like to choose crystals from my...

Gold Fairy Glow

“What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?” —Oscar Wilde I call this DIY green-gold herbal libation the Gold Fairy in homage to that notorious spirit of the fin de siècle period,...
All images © The Tolkien Estate Limited 1937.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Art Nouveau Elvenlands

All images © The Tolkien Estate Limited 1937. Tne moment, I was walking through the steel-and-concrete labyrinth of New York City. The next, I had entered the Morgan Library, taken its glass elevator to the...
Portrait of Daria and Kambriel as Art Nouveau sisters

The Illustrated Conjurings of Daria Hlazatova

  Daria Hlazatova is capable of magic. Paper is her cauldron, and pens are her wands. With these, she summons worlds wherein each person inhabits an infinite kingdom of which they become the prophetess, the...