Edges, Corners, and Odd Facts for the True Book Lover

Incipit invites you to indulge in the sensory delight of books. From the tactile pleasure of turning pages to the enchanting aroma of paper and ink, explore the magic of bibliophilia.
Book Fore-Edge painting by Maisie Jackson

The Art of Fore-Edge Painting

Would you like to give a gift to a favorite book that has given you … maybe everything? Then talk to Maisie Jackson. She is a master at fore-edge painting, the art of rendering the...

Ex Libris: Claiming Your Literary Kingdom with Personalized Bookplates

Discover the timeless tradition of marking your territory in the world of books, from childhood rubber stamps to personalized bookplates. Join author Cara Giles as she reminisces about the thrill of claiming ownership over beloved stories and explores the evolution of book ownership symbols throughout history.

Enchanting Your Journal + Exclusive Downloads

I’ve known the magic of journaling ever since I was a young girl. I cherished my very first diary, a pink patent leather one with shiny silver edging and a delicate heart-shaped lock. Later, I...

Witchcraft Unveiled: Capturing Magic Through Collodion Wet-Plate Photography

For nearly a decade, photographer Ken Miner has used collodion wet-plate photography to capture witch Brianna Shambrook and document the evolution of her craft. This historical process involves exposing an image onto treated glass or...

Magical Winter Wear

Photo by Priscilla Hernandez “... a great lady, taller than any woman that Edmund had ever seen. She also was covered in white fur up to her throat and held a long straight golden wand...
Pamela Zimmerman Art

Catching The Moon: An interview with Pamela Zimmerman

Explore Pamela Zimmerman's captivating basketry, where each creation tells a unique story. From coiled Native-style baskets to emotive faces in "Catching the Moon," discover artistry beyond utility.
Halo: Carbickova Crowns @carbickovacrowns Corset, skirt, and sleeves: The Raven’s Goddess @theravensgoddess Color toning: Infinite Tools and Only the Curious color presets

An Ode to Circe

Circe, the daughter of the Titan Helios and the ocean nymph Perse, is a goddess and enchantress in the ancient Greek mythical tradition who has a bad habit of turning her enemies into animals. She also is a master of potions and herbs.
Witch Balls by Suzanne Lemmon aka The Witch and the Goddess

From History to Home: The Fascinating Journey of Witch Balls and How to Craft...

Discover the ancient art of crafting witch balls, mesmerizing protective orbs rooted in 17th-century England. Explore their rich history and learn how to craft these enchanting spheres, filled with flowers, herbs, crystals, and charms. Unleash the magic within minutes, creating beautiful ornaments that not only shield against negativity but also deepen your connection to the craft of witchery.
Illustration by Steve Parke | Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac

The Enchanted Playlist

Dive into the enchanting world of curated playlists, where the magic of music meets the realms of taste and emotion. From Goddess Pop to rock-oriented anthems, explore the diverse landscapes of bewitching tunes. Let your playlist be a guide through the enchantment of sound, creating an atmosphere that transcends dimensions. Discover tips for crafting your enchanted playlist, from finding your purpose to honing in on the vibe. Unveil the transformative power of music, turning ordinary moments into magical experiences. Share your playlists, gift them to friends, and let the enchantment linger through the winter season.