Artist Kelly Louise Judd - Flora and Fauna

Where the Wild Things Are

Kelly Louise Judd is just as mysterious as her fantastical work and, one might reasonably suspect, similarly eccentric. She’s hard to track down, like one of the many felines—leaping or sleeping, sitting or slinking—that...

Featured Artist: Leila + Olive

Nicole Rallis is an artist and gardener from New York City, “a place where every bit of green stands in stark, beautiful relief to concrete backgrounds.” Her love of illustration and plants forms the...

Featured Artist: White Witch Parlour

Jenna Caprice started the White Witch Parlour seven years ago, after leaving city life behind and moving into the mountains of Southern California with her husband to “be with nature as much as possible.”...
Orley Anderson

I Do Believe In Faires

Orley Anderson—in her own words, a “mother, creative stylist, and lover of glitter”—conceived of these astonishing images after deciding she “wanted there to be a POC fairy for little girls to be able to...

Featured Artist: Adam Oehler

British artist Adam Oehlers has been drawing for as long as he can remember and has always been attracted to themes rooted in nature and magic. “It’s a soft kind of magic I like...

The Divine Feline

Wherever the leopard is known, it has moved the hearts and spirits of those who’ve seen it. With its grace and power, its ability to adapt to every element, this gorgeous beast has developed...

Featured Artist Kelly Louise Judd—Swan Bones

Kelly Louise Judd, a.k.a. Swan Bones, is a flora-, fauna-, and folklore-inspired artist who lives in the Midwestern United States with her flock of chickens, clowder of cats, and two very smart dogs. When...
Grace Nuth, Enchanted Living Magazine, Svetlana Matveeva artist from Russia. Fairy Tale Inspired

Butterfly Creatures

When fabric and multimedia artist Svetlana Matveeva was a young child of four growing up in Russia, she and a friend agreed to “go visit a fairy tale.” They convinced themselves that if they...
Cat Covens: The Medieval-Inspired Art of Kjersti Faret

From Cloisters to Cat Covens: The Medieval-Inspired Art of Kjersti Faret

We’ve long been fans of Cat Coven, the online shop of Brooklyn artist Kjersti Faret that features her art hand-printed on clothing, accessories, and all manner of home décor. Her signature and logo of...

Kimera Wachna—Gracemere Woods

Artist Kimera Wachna started working under the name Gracemere Woods as an homage to her childhood in New York, where she was raised near a forest “full of dark magical nooks, streams of sparkling...