Stamped With Immortality

A piece on Elizabeth Siddal (July 25, 1829–February 11, 1862) by Helena Aguilar Mayans and The Seamstress of RohanTo produce any work on Elizabeth Siddal requires a constant struggle between myth and reality, fact and...
Photography by Joy Marshall The Witching Hour Photography Model- Tatiana Pimentel Location- Frog Hollow

The Alchemy Of Parrish Relics

“Go to nature in all singleness of heart … rejecting nothing, selecting nothing and scorning nothing; believing all things to be right and good, and rejoicing always in the truth.” —John Ruskin, Modern Painters Vol....

Stitch Magic

PHOTOGRAPHY BY GRACE NUTH I encountered intentional sewing as a concept when my Gothic-literature-loving mother gave me Barbara Michaels’s Georgetown trilogy, which explores the possibility of human emotion and, indeed, magic actively embedded into objects—a...
Grandmother Ponderosa Extract by The Wondersmith

Grandmother Ponderosa Extract

Many plants seem to represent an archetype or personality to me, which is often a reflection of their usage in folk medicine or even stories or legends about them. Elderflower is playful and ethereal...

If Wishes Were Mittens

As twilight touched the snowy, wooded landscape, the little girl saw her worried mother standing on the front porch of the tiny cottage and knew she was probably in trouble. The girl hid her...
All photos © Olga Valeska

Olga Valeska: An Authentically Folkloric Life

All photos © Olga Valeska Authenticity is such an important quality in a truly cozy, hygge life. And in this digital age of constant communication and social media influencers making us feel inadequate, it’s increasingly...

Greeting From The Northern Hemisphere

Mother Nature’s magical wheel turns ever so slowly. Listen closely and pay mind to the slight shifts and changes happening every day or they may pass you by. I personally make a conscious effort...
Jessica Clark-Bojin Baby Yoda Pie

Warm-Baked Artistry

There is a moment in the charmingly cozy and whimsical television show Pushing Daisies when the handsome young pie maker says, “Candy is sweet, but it’s a traveling carnival blowing through town. Pie is...

Enchanting Photography by Zephyr & Luna

We wanted to share some very fairytale-esque, lovely photos from French photographer Amber of Zephyr & Luna, who travels all around the world to capture these romantic scenes. Look at this one from the depths of...

Chasing The Light

Perhaps the best word to describe what it’s like to look at Zaria Forman’s artwork is tactile. Instead of depicting rolling hills or gurgling streams, she conjures frigid and choppy Arctic ocean waters and...