Enchanted Living Magazine Photography by Michaela Durisova Model: Kristína Szegenyová Accessories: Magaela Accessories

A Book of Things Received

Photography by Michaela Durisova Model: Kristína Szegenyová Accessories: Magaela Accessories The old woman handed her young apprentice a book of soft leather with tattered pages scented of lavender and then motioned for her to follow into the...

Mermaid Murmurs: A Fairy Trail Through Cornwall

PHOTOGRAPHY BY SIMON CHAPMAN AND THE AUTHOR MERMAID MURMURS Cornwall is bordered by the sea on three sides. You can scarcely get more than twenty miles away from the thrashing waves, precipitous cliffs, and Caribbean...
Model- Lee Cohen

Black Light Soirée

An idea for a fun celestial party you can throw for your more moony, starry friends is a black light soiree—where guests adorn themselves with stars and constellations using blacklight body paint. Artist Sirena Hildebrand...

The Bee Goddesses of Stephanie Law

They are ethereal. Supple and airy, with an almost Erté-like fluidity and grace. But the goddesses that Stephanie Law paints also have an earthy majesty the father of Art Deco never bestowed upon his creations....


Greetings all my fellow Curiosity Explorers and Magic-Makers! Allow me to introduce myself: I am the Wondersmith. I work with wonder in the same way a goldsmith works with gold to create beautiful, meaningful, and...
Aesthetic Harmony- The Art of Yoann Lossel and Psyché Ophiuchus Enchanted Living Magazine

Aesthetic Harmony: The Art of Yoann Lossel and Psyché Ophiuchus

Psyché Ophiuchus and Yoann Lossel both believe that all of life is art, a philosophy shared by many artists of the Art Nouveau era, whose work defined an aesthetic across such varied media as...

Autumn Leaf Dress

Article from the Autumn Issue #40 - Subscribe or Buy Issue TUTORIAL How to Make the Fall Lady WHAT YOU NEED: 1 wire dress form 4 artificial leaf bunches for the top bodice form (get these and other materials from...

A Heart of Glass

Neile Cooper’s masterpiece is a breathtaking experience at night. Walking through a small woods in the town of Lake Mohawk, New Jersey, you see a bright beam of light. Step closer, and the light...

Woodland Wonderment: The Enchantment of Ellen Tyn

She strikes an elf-like and enchanting figure on her Instagram, her riotous fluffy mass of sun-blond hair flying behind her as she runs through the sunlit trees, sits by ponds playing a tin flute,...
Photography by Joy Marshall The Witching Hour Photography Model- Tatiana Pimentel Location- Frog Hollow

The Alchemy Of Parrish Relics

“Go to nature in all singleness of heart … rejecting nothing, selecting nothing and scorning nothing; believing all things to be right and good, and rejoicing always in the truth.” —John Ruskin, Modern Painters Vol....