Artist Kelly Louise Judd - Flora and Fauna

Where the Wild Things Are

Kelly Louise Judd is just as mysterious as her fantastical work and, one might reasonably suspect, similarly eccentric. She’s hard to track down, like one of the many felines—leaping or sleeping, sitting or slinking—that...
Faerie Magazine Photography: Elizabeth Elder Photography Art Direction/Modeling: Vanessa Walton of Creature of Habit Models: Jessica Dru and Rachel Day Assistance: JoEllen Elam of Firefly Path Tails: Finfolk Productions

Sea Of Flowers

Mermaids are creatures of the ocean who would die on land. Delicate flowers can only survive on land and would break apart and fade into nothingness in the salty ocean. These would seem to make for...

Charlotte Lily Gaspard’s Shadow Puppet Theater

Photography by WAXenVINE A fairy, to Charlotte Lily Gaspard’s mind, “is a magical invisible being that helps us do the right thing, if we listen. People can call them whatever names they want,” she says,...

How to Pose in Gothic Architecture

Photography by GIORGIA DAPHNE When you vacation among the cathedrals and ruins of Europe or even spend the night in a stateside Victorian B&B, it is natural to feel a certain anxiety: How will you...

Mori Girl Child Of The Forest

PHOTOGRAPHER HAKARYO WITH AMARIS PHOTOGRAPHY MODEL ZING RUBY Japan: culture of both Miyazaki's mythic forests and trend-setting Tokyo. It’s a land of creative expression, and one very visible outlet for this expression is fashion. Over the last...
Madonna (1895–1902), by Edvard Munch

The Eternal Feminine of The Damned

Imagine this: A nubile dancer named Salome struts before a lustful king. She wields her bejeweled half-dressed body like a weapon. Her desire? To gain the head of John the Baptist, which floats before...

Séance Stitches

You might not realize how much you covet intricate embroidery depicting scenes of graveyards, spiritualist-era séances, and the occasional Black Phillip until you see the work of Beth Wilkes, a.k.a. Séance Stitches. Wilkes didn’t...

Straw Into Gold

Magical, Marvelous Broomsticks by Charlotte Baker of Nightshade Handmade by Stephanie Stewart-Howard Images by Charlotte Baker Learn how to make your own broom in the Autumn Issue  Of all the myriad stories told of witches, one of the...

Mister Finch Lives in a Fairy Tale World

All images, except where noted, from Mister Finch: Living in a Fairytale World by Mister Finch © 2014, published by Glitterati Incorporated. Article From 2014 Winter Issue #29 Subscribe // Print // Digital Ask Mister Finch to inscribe his book...
01-Rachel Lauren-Ohio School of Falconry

Bonding with Birds at the Ohio School of Falconry

One likely reason owls love us so much is because senior editor Grace Nuth spends much of her spare time cozying up to them, when she's not interviewing Toby Froud about Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance or talking to Gibbous Fashions about...