Semita Vitiae Tarot Deck by Artist Mary Ann Hess

We want to tell you about artist Mary Ann Hess and her Semita Vitiae Tarot deck, the product of her decades-long spiritual and life journey. It's based loosely on traditional decks, with the usual 78...

How To Be A Modern Romantic

Photography by KATERINA PLOTNIKOVA Model NORMILA Who doesn’t want to be romantic? But I don’t mean romantic with a small r. I mean capital R Romantic, like the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was discovered...
Julie Bell

Three Decades of Painting Powerful Women

Admirers of fantasy and science-fiction art will no doubt already be familiar with Julie Bell’s name. She’s had over five hundred works of art published for the purposes of illustration and marketing since she began...

An Enchanted Kitchen

Article taken from Issue #32 || Autumn 2015 Print || Digital When The Art of the Home blogger and professional muralist Dawn-Marie deLara first set out to redesign her kitchen, in all its former “yellow plastic...

Witchey’s Brew

By Laren Stover Photographs by George Holz Wardrobe and styling: Stacy Iannacone for Ritual Vintage | Hair and makeup: Kirsten Bode | Flower styling: Nicole Absher | Retouching: Chika Kobari Article from the Autumn Issue #40 -...
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On the Edge of Discovery: The Secret of Fore-Edge Paintings

Have you ever felt the sudden jolt of bliss that accompanies the discovery of a hidden secret? This feeling drives treasure hunters of all kinds, deep-sea divers and junkyard pickers alike, to keep searching. Imagine,...
Model- Eva Marini @hane.iro (self-portraits)

Stitch Witchery From Notforgotten Farm

Featured Image: Model: Eva Marini @hane.iro (self-portraits)   We’ve been charmed for a while now by the lovely, old-timey, and definitely witchy needlework of folk artist Lori Brechlin, who humble old farmhouse with a rusty tin...

Mermaid Murmurs: A Fairy Trail Through Cornwall

PHOTOGRAPHY BY SIMON CHAPMAN AND THE AUTHOR MERMAID MURMURS Cornwall is bordered by the sea on three sides. You can scarcely get more than twenty miles away from the thrashing waves, precipitous cliffs, and Caribbean...

The Art of Darla Teagarden

Austin artist Darla Teagarden brings magic realism literally to light in the medium of photography, leaving the viewer intrigued, wonderfully tantalized—one might even say spellbound—by her darkly cinematic and playfully animistic imagery. Inspired, in her...

If Wishes Were Mittens

As twilight touched the snowy, wooded landscape, the little girl saw her worried mother standing on the front porch of the tiny cottage and knew she was probably in trouble. The girl hid her...