Bringing Legends to Life – Baltimore Knife and Sword

by Carolyn Turgeon and photography by Steve Parke As you wind through Patapsco State Park, just north of Baltimore, passing a flagstone-encrusted quarry and crossing a defunct train track that parallels a charming stream, you come...

Dazzling Fairy Tale Images from Margarita Kareva

  We’ve been in love with Russian photographer Margarita Kareva’s dazzling fairy tale images for a while now. Each photo tells a story—of some wonderful place, far away, where dreamy ice queens and lady falconers...
All images © The Tolkien Estate Limited 1937.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Art Nouveau Elvenlands

All images © The Tolkien Estate Limited 1937. Tne moment, I was walking through the steel-and-concrete labyrinth of New York City. The next, I had entered the Morgan Library, taken its glass elevator to the...
Martin Podt Forest

Into The Forest

We asked a few of our favorite forest photographers to tell us about some of their most enchanted woodland images. Garett Mensching I discovered this tree while walking on a misty, rainy, but deeply inspiring afternoon...
Portrait of Daria and Kambriel as Art Nouveau sisters

The Illustrated Conjurings of Daria Hlazatova

  Daria Hlazatova is capable of magic. Paper is her cauldron, and pens are her wands. With these, she summons worlds wherein each person inhabits an infinite kingdom of which they become the prophetess, the...

Stitch Magic

PHOTOGRAPHY BY GRACE NUTH I encountered intentional sewing as a concept when my Gothic-literature-loving mother gave me Barbara Michaels’s Georgetown trilogy, which explores the possibility of human emotion and, indeed, magic actively embedded into objects—a...
The Night Goddess Elven Corset Dress, Etsy, Model: Luce Del Sole Makeup: Jane Von Vintage Halo: Hysteria Machine Photography: Studio Sheridan’s Art Dress: Alice Corsets

The Night Goddess

The Night Goddess Elven Corset Dress, by Ukranian designer Alisa Perova of Alice Corsets, caused a sensation when she debuted it on social media, and our team at Enchanted Living was smitten as well....
01-Rachel Lauren-Ohio School of Falconry

Bonding with Birds at the Ohio School of Falconry

One likely reason owls love us so much is because senior editor Grace Nuth spends much of her spare time cozying up to them, when she's not interviewing Toby Froud about Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance or talking to Gibbous Fashions about...

The Sinking World of Andreas Franke

Article taken from Issue #27 || Summer 2014 Print || Digital Austria native Andreas Franke is not only an avid diver and long-time professional photographer, but a magician who conjures his own worlds. After photographing the Austrian shipwreck Baron...
Aesthetic Harmony- The Art of Yoann Lossel and Psyché Ophiuchus Enchanted Living Magazine

Aesthetic Harmony: The Art of Yoann Lossel and Psyché Ophiuchus

Psyché Ophiuchus and Yoann Lossel both believe that all of life is art, a philosophy shared by many artists of the Art Nouveau era, whose work defined an aesthetic across such varied media as...