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Enchanting Interview with Artist Mona Fuchs

  In Art Nouveau news, we've recently fallen for the stunning work of German artist Mona Fuchs, whom you can find on Instagram at (and order prints from at, because of her Art Nouveau renderings...

A Faerie Village of Gingerbread & Snow

  Article taken from Issue #33 || Winter 2015 Print || Digital Photos by Vince Chafin Here’s a fun project to satisfy your faerie’s sweet tooth, have a fun family day, and create a magical look for your winter table!...

Charlotte Lily Gaspard’s Shadow Puppet Theater

Photography by WAXenVINE A fairy, to Charlotte Lily Gaspard’s mind, “is a magical invisible being that helps us do the right thing, if we listen. People can call them whatever names they want,” she says,...
Alphonse Mucha, The Nature, around 1900. Collection F. W. Neess, Photo- Museum Wiesbaden : Bernd Fickert

The Exhibition of A Lifetime

Feature Image: Alphonse Mucha, The Nature, around 1900. Collection F. W. Neess, Photo- Museum Wiesbaden : Bernd Fickert They come one after another, these treasures, nearly too many, too much, to absorb. There are the...
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Homemade Trap

Enchanted Living: Can you tell us when and why you began making embroidered insects and fungi? Emily Yeadon: My work is heavily influenced by a particular museum that I discovered at the age of eleven...

A Celestial Party

  Remember Grace Nuth's celestial party how-to in our winter issue? Well, reader Meg Eubank and her starry friends threw a celestial party of their own and Meg sent in this story and these photos from the event...
Gavin Hardcastle

The Magic of SCOTLAND

Like the prickles of the fierce, resilient thistle, should it be handled without care, Scotland gets under your skin. Visit once and you may well succumb to enchantment, as if spellbound by the “little people”...

Enchanting Words From Pendragon Shoes

If anyone can make shoes fit for a magical beast and those who love them, it's these enchanted Australian cobblers. And a few words from Pendragon:Since we started Pendragon Shoes back in 1987, we have always...
Photography by Joy Marshall The Witching Hour Photography Model- Tatiana Pimentel Location- Frog Hollow

The Alchemy Of Parrish Relics

“Go to nature in all singleness of heart … rejecting nothing, selecting nothing and scorning nothing; believing all things to be right and good, and rejoicing always in the truth.” —John Ruskin, Modern Painters Vol....

Interview with Artist Lisa Azzano

Speaking of fairies and winged creatures generally, we wanted to introduce you to artist Lisa Azzano this week, and share some of her luminous art. Look at this fairy: When did you start sculpting angels and...