Gowned in Samite and Gossamer

One of the greatest draws for modern people to the Romantic past is a fashion aesthetic dramatically different from our own. It’s true for everyone, though women typically more readily admit they adore the idea...

The Enchanted World of Katerina Plotnikova

On The Cover of Issue #28 AUtumn 2014 Subscribe // Order Back Issues Moscow-based photographer Katerina Plotnikova is one of the most exciting artists out there today, with her breathtaking, astonishing images that imagine a world in which animals...

How To Make Your Own Tomte

Charles Vess’s story introduces us to the character of the Tomten, or Tomte. In Scandinavian folklore, the Tomte was a gnome-like character with a white beard and red cap—liter-ally a jolly old elf. The...

Enchanting Photography by Zephyr & Luna

We wanted to share some very fairytale-esque, lovely photos from French photographer Amber of Zephyr & Luna, who travels all around the world to capture these romantic scenes. Look at this one from the depths of...
Alphonse Mucha, The Nature, around 1900. Collection F. W. Neess, Photo- Museum Wiesbaden : Bernd Fickert

The Exhibition of A Lifetime

Feature Image: Alphonse Mucha, The Nature, around 1900. Collection F. W. Neess, Photo- Museum Wiesbaden : Bernd Fickert They come one after another, these treasures, nearly too many, too much, to absorb. There are the...
Amy Rose

Floral Fox Art – The Botanical Paintings of Amy Rose

Lilacs were not supposed to bloom in July, that was a simple botanical fact, at least it had been until now. Girls in the neighborhood had begun to whisper that if you kissed the...
Photography: Marketa Novak Model: Hana Vágnerová Gown: PONER Mua: Lenka Odehnalová

Prague’s Obecní Dům

"This photo shoot in Prague’s Obecní Dům (Municipal House) was a dream come true for me. I never thought that I would experience such a thing. I wish every person the opportunity to explore...
© Luc Schuiten - architecte

Solarpunk’s Brave and Beautiful New World

It’s an answer, a rallying cry even, to a planet in peril. A relatively new literary and artistic movement born out of speculative fiction, solarpunk is sci-fi on ecstasy, more utopian rather than dystopian,...

The Art of Darla Teagarden

Austin artist Darla Teagarden brings magic realism literally to light in the medium of photography, leaving the viewer intrigued, wonderfully tantalized—one might even say spellbound—by her darkly cinematic and playfully animistic imagery. Inspired, in her...

Mori Girl Child Of The Forest

PHOTOGRAPHER HAKARYO WITH AMARIS PHOTOGRAPHY MODEL ZING RUBY Japan: culture of both Miyazaki's mythic forests and trend-setting Tokyo. It’s a land of creative expression, and one very visible outlet for this expression is fashion. Over the last...