Gavin Hardcastle

The Magic of SCOTLAND

Like the prickles of the fierce, resilient thistle, should it be handled without care, Scotland gets under your skin. Visit once and you may well succumb to enchantment, as if spellbound by the “little people”...
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Enchanting Interview with Artist Mona Fuchs

  In Art Nouveau news, we've recently fallen for the stunning work of German artist Mona Fuchs, whom you can find on Instagram at (and order prints from at, because of her Art Nouveau renderings...
Mermaid Bra Tutorial Faerie Magazine

Mermaid Bra Tutorial

PHOTOGRAPHY BY STEVE PARKE SUPPLIES Plain blue bra Gem-Tac or another nontoxic glue that dries clear Skewer for spreading glue Glue gun Glue sticks Needle and thread Fine blue glitter (matching the dominant color of bra) Jewels, crystals, appliqué, trim, sparkling faux...

Bringing Legends to Life – Baltimore Knife and Sword

by Carolyn Turgeon and photography by Steve Parke As you wind through Patapsco State Park, just north of Baltimore, passing a flagstone-encrusted quarry and crossing a defunct train track that parallels a charming stream, you come...

Two Snow Queens

“Often at midnight she flies through the streets of the town, and looks in at the windows, then the ice freezes on the panes into wonderful shapes that look like flowers and castles.” —from “The...

Stitch Magic

PHOTOGRAPHY BY GRACE NUTH I encountered intentional sewing as a concept when my Gothic-literature-loving mother gave me Barbara Michaels’s Georgetown trilogy, which explores the possibility of human emotion and, indeed, magic actively embedded into objects—a...
Serpents and Sorceresses—a decadent assortment of antique Art Nouveau brooches and buttons, including interlaced serpents accented with shimmering garnets and marcasite, a fluttering of bats, plus the witchy women who are perfectly content to share their time with either (and perhaps be convinced to tell your fortune while doing so).

Art Nouveau by Moonlight

As the dawn of a new century approached and cityscapes became grayer, smokier, and increasingly mechanized, a group of artists found themselves yearning for something more organic, compelled to bring a sense of romance...

Enchanting Words From Pendragon Shoes

If anyone can make shoes fit for a magical beast and those who love them, it's these enchanted Australian cobblers. And a few words from Pendragon:Since we started Pendragon Shoes back in 1987, we have always...
© Luc Schuiten - architecte

Solarpunk’s Brave and Beautiful New World

It’s an answer, a rallying cry even, to a planet in peril. A relatively new literary and artistic movement born out of speculative fiction, solarpunk is sci-fi on ecstasy, more utopian rather than dystopian,...
Annie Stegg

Visions of Enchantment

A dragon-like sea monster rears above a ship, terrifying in its unleashed rage, yet beautiful—delicate scales, a sinuous grace to its form. A maiden cautiously steps into a fairy ring, her garments diaphanous, her expression concerned....