Mermaid Bra Tutorial Faerie Magazine

Mermaid Bra Tutorial

PHOTOGRAPHY BY STEVE PARKE SUPPLIES Plain blue bra Gem-Tac or another nontoxic glue that dries clear Skewer for spreading glue Glue gun Glue sticks Needle and thread Fine blue glitter (matching the dominant color of bra) Jewels, crystals, appliqué, trim, sparkling faux...

Stamped With Immortality

A piece on Elizabeth Siddal (July 25, 1829–February 11, 1862) by Helena Aguilar Mayans and The Seamstress of RohanTo produce any work on Elizabeth Siddal requires a constant struggle between myth and reality, fact and...
Photography by Joy Marshall The Witching Hour Photography Model- Tatiana Pimentel Location- Frog Hollow

The Alchemy Of Parrish Relics

“Go to nature in all singleness of heart … rejecting nothing, selecting nothing and scorning nothing; believing all things to be right and good, and rejoicing always in the truth.” —John Ruskin, Modern Painters Vol....

Kimera Wachna—Gracemere Woods

Artist Kimera Wachna started working under the name Gracemere Woods as an homage to her childhood in New York, where she was raised near a forest “full of dark magical nooks, streams of sparkling...

Featured Artist: Adam Oehler

British artist Adam Oehlers has been drawing for as long as he can remember and has always been attracted to themes rooted in nature and magic. “It’s a soft kind of magic I like...

Bringing Legends to Life – Baltimore Knife and Sword

by Carolyn Turgeon and photography by Steve Parke As you wind through Patapsco State Park, just north of Baltimore, passing a flagstone-encrusted quarry and crossing a defunct train track that parallels a charming stream, you come...
Stephanie Young - Calmwater 1

CalmWater: Ceramics That Soothe Like a Still Sea

Spend some time gazing at one of New Hampshire artist Stephanie Young’s stunning ceramic pieces—most are delicate, elegant vases with sensuous curves that beg to be stroked—and you might feel the tension begin to...
Beauty and the Beast, by John Dickson Batten © Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Rebellion, Nature, and, Above All, Beauty

Feature Image: Beauty and the Beast, by John Dickson Batten © Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. With a passion for nature and real rather than idealized notions of beauty, Britain’s Pre-Raphaelites were the rebels of the...
Enchanted Living Magazine, Photographer/Costumes: Carri Angel Photography Second Photographer: Ange Harper Models: Ian Hencher, Sorcha Verey, The Druidess Of Midian Headdress: Under the Ivy

A Forest Fable

Photography by CARRI ANGEL PHOTOGRAPHY and ANGE HARPER When model and artist (and elf) Ian Hencher learned that we were doing a forest-themed issue, he knew he wanted to collaborate with a team that could “connect with...
Jessica Clark-Bojin Baby Yoda Pie

Warm-Baked Artistry

There is a moment in the charmingly cozy and whimsical television show Pushing Daisies when the handsome young pie maker says, “Candy is sweet, but it’s a traveling carnival blowing through town. Pie is...