How To Be A Modern Romantic

Photography by KATERINA PLOTNIKOVA Model NORMILA Who doesn’t want to be romantic? But I don’t mean romantic with a small r. I mean capital R Romantic, like the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was discovered...
All images © The Tolkien Estate Limited 1937.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Art Nouveau Elvenlands

All images © The Tolkien Estate Limited 1937. Tne moment, I was walking through the steel-and-concrete labyrinth of New York City. The next, I had entered the Morgan Library, taken its glass elevator to the...

The Magic Within

Discover the power of magic within to find courage and overcome life's challenges. Join Aiysha Sinclair on her inspiring journey of self-discovery and growth, as she taps into her inner strength to navigate illness and embrace life's beauty. Experience her enchanted photo shoot, where she embodies her essence as a fantasy fairy, adorned with a crown of feathers and beads, embracing the elements and the divine. Explore Aiysha Sinclair's work and be inspired by her story of resilience and self-empowerment at and
Witch Balls by Suzanne Lemmon aka The Witch and the Goddess

From History to Home: The Fascinating Journey of Witch Balls and How to Craft...

Discover the ancient art of crafting witch balls, mesmerizing protective orbs rooted in 17th-century England. Explore their rich history and learn how to craft these enchanting spheres, filled with flowers, herbs, crystals, and charms. Unleash the magic within minutes, creating beautiful ornaments that not only shield against negativity but also deepen your connection to the craft of witchery.

Where Fairies Dwell

If you gaze at Megan Cash’s magical miniatures long enough, you just may start to spy the fae materializing around them, dancing and darting, flitting and flying, from one whimsical, captivating piece to the...
Model- Lee Cohen

Black Light Soirée

An idea for a fun celestial party you can throw for your more moony, starry friends is a black light soiree—where guests adorn themselves with stars and constellations using blacklight body paint. Artist Sirena Hildebrand...

Autumn’s Abundance

Photography: Jovana Rikalo | Models: Mina Madžarević, Irina Ognenovska, Milica Simić, Sasha Lambon, Renata Beslać, Sonja Mišić | MUA: Biljana Velojić | Clothing: Edith Val, Margo Concept, Son de Flor Location: Fairy Oak   Jovana Rikalo...

Faeries of the Forest

Photography by Joy Marshall Models: Tatiana Pimentel and Courtney Fox-Johns Wings: Creatures Who Craft Jewelry: Parrish Relics For last spring’s Pre-Raphaelite issue, photographer Joy Marshall, model and artist Tatiana Pimentel, and jeweler Jen Parrish-Hill of Parrish Relics gathered...

Ed Org’s Enchanted Women

Sit in sweet wonderment gazing at the work of British artist Ed Org and you will be transported to another world, one of mythical, magical women—powerful, capable, but all the more graceful for it....
Artist Kelly Louise Judd - Flora and Fauna

Where the Wild Things Are

Kelly Louise Judd is just as mysterious as her fantastical work and, one might reasonably suspect, similarly eccentric. She’s hard to track down, like one of the many felines—leaping or sleeping, sitting or slinking—that...