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Without Black Fae Day (@blackfaedayofficial on Instagram), there would be no Enchanted Asian Day (@enchantedasianday on Instagram). It was the efforts of Black Fae Day to showcase the incredible works of the Black community that inspired the Enchanted Asian Day movement. To celebrate this link, we wanted to feature the face behind #BlackFaeDay, Jasmine, who gave us some enchanted insights— and brightened our imaginations with this epic yellow gown!

Yinsey Wang: Why does diversity matter?
Jasmine: Diversity matters because we all wish to be acknowledged and respected. Many well-meaning people say things like “I don’t see color,” but it hurts when you don’t accept all of me. My race, my culture, abilities, and experiences are all valid, and no one should be ashamed of the way they were born. My hope is that no minority will ever have to wonder if they belong because they are not being represented. Life is just more fun when you can experience and explore together in peace and harmony. I know that may sound corny, but it’s always been my hope for humanity. We are all we’ve got, and we’re all unique for a reason.

YW: What are your reflections on having inspired a movement that has had an impact across so many communities?
J: I feel I only echoed the wishes of so many who felt underrepresented. Now I see that I’m not alone, that I was never alone in believing I can be unapologetically Black and magical. In giving myself permission to be carefree, I invited others to do the same, and it feels good to see others loving themselves and cheering each other on. It’s the unity for me!

YW: If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
J: I wish I could scream back in time to myself, “You were right! You were right about everything!” Being a nerd is celebrated today, and our influence has changed entire industries. As a young imaginative kid who was writing scripts to my own anime and manga, I needed to stay true to myself. The people around me meant well when they advised me to give up my creative dreams, but I wish I would have dug my heels in the ground then. I guess what I’m doing today is a tribute to a younger me who dared to dream big.

Also, thank you all for continuing to believe in dreaming and celebrating all of who you are! I really think Black Fae Day and Enchanted Asian Day are a beautiful ripple in time. Our ancestors, both Black and Asian, have come together in the name of unity in the past, and now it’s our turn. I hope that we will continue to inspire and heal our communities as we navigate changing times. Our work makes me hopeful for a more ethical and equitable future in fantasy!

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