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I Do Believe In Faires

Orley Anderson—in her own words, a “mother, creative stylist, and lover of glitter”—conceived of these astonishing images after deciding she “wanted there to be...

Q&A with Evercrumbly & Witch

You might have noticed this call out to Evercrumbly & Witch in our new autumn issue:Not to mention remember this feature on witch hats from our autumn...

Urban Farming and Foraging with Indy Srinath

Feature Image: Photograph by NATE BURROWS The word forage might call to mind the image of an adventurer with a harvesting basket strapped to her back,...

Dragon’s Blood Beauty

FREYA’S LOVE SLICES Recipe and Photography by Imana Grashuis, Magical Food Department


The Beauty of the Dragon

The Beauty Witch: SEPTEMBER

Motherhood and Magic