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The Beauty Witch: AUGUST

August bounds in like a rather large cat romping atop your bed, just as you were hoping for a bit more slumber – he...

Queen Wolf of the Witches

She is known as Queen Wolf of the Witches. She is a four legged wonder of an animal, a great wolf spirit present in the...

Featured Artist Kelly Louise Judd—Swan Bones

Kelly Louise Judd, a.k.a. Swan Bones, is a flora-, fauna-, and folklore-inspired artist who lives in the Midwestern United States with her flock of...
Grace Nuth, Enchanted Living Magazine, Svetlana Matveeva artist from Russia. Fairy Tale Inspired

Butterfly Creatures

Fantastical Candles

Illuminated copper engraving, 1705, by Maria Sibylla Merian. Wikimedia Commons.

Firefly Diamonds