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How to Conjure Bewitching Living Spaces

Whether they called her a wise woman, a woman of Wyrrd, a cunning woman, a medicine woman, a witch, a witch doctor, or a...

The Stitch Witchery of Gibbous Fashions

Selene Ahnese, founder of the company Gibbous Fashions, is a stitch witch. The fabric storyteller is based in Olympia, Washington. She collects scraps of...

The Lesser Periwinkle; The Love Potions of Lady Wilde, Mrs. Whiskeyman,...

Feature Image: The Three Witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth by Daniel Gardner, 1775. Wikimedia Commons. “…aperitive, abstersive, carminative, digestive, discussive, diuretic, incisive, vulnerary, cephalick, neurotick, stomachick,...

Enchanted Realms

Witches Through the Ages

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Bewitching Housewares


Written In The Stars

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash, Witch, Enchanted Living Magazine

Seeking the Witch

Photography by Ange Harper Model- The Druidess Of Midian, Alice Hoffman, Enchanted Living Magazine

How To Recognize A Witch

The Beauty Witch: October