Aubrey Beardsley and the Weight of Decadence

The Peacock Skirt (1893), by Aubrey Beardsley If you’re anything like me, you might have increased in mass over the past eighteen months. While the...

Ritual Decadence

Featured Image: Salome (1876), by Gustave Moreau The Picture Art Collection / Alamy Stock Photo When the season of giving entwines with the season of extravagance,...

The Illuminati Ball

Photography by MARK SHELBY PERRY Imagine if you will: You arrive from New York City, blindfolded, at a country manse on a wooded lake somewhere...

At Home: A Decadent Decor

Winter Holiday: Croquembouche

La Toilette (1885-1890), by Gustave Moreau. Wikimedia Commons

Quiz: How Decadent Are You?