Days begin anew, it seems
stretching forever across snowy acres
into the long Winter’s night,
a Neverland of never ending
so still, and yet ever fluid
-if you can see it.
Have the stars realigned just in time?

January always brings a strange and beautiful paradox: It is both the calm after the storm, and the brewing of a new tempest. The holidays are now past, and with them all their manic excitement, leaving us with a sense of unsettled stillness. Now what? We may breathe a bit easier, but this relaxation only lies upon the surface; deep down, we ask ourselves the pointed questions. As we release the old calendar year, the uncertainty of what is to come can be overwhelming beneath the weight of resolutions. The great expanse of Winter seems long and lonely – and really just a little too quiet – and for many it can bring on the darkest of moods.

But there is another side to all of this, that which gives conception to new plans. And here, my Loves, lies a very powerful spell: to use this time for conjuring that which you wish to hatch once the cold months have passed and glorious Spring arrives. You can choose, of course, to burrow down and binge-watch while binge-eating, or you could pop your conical hat onto your beautiful head and create. Yes, of course, this is the season of rest and hibernation, so no one is asking you to build a pyramid or run a marathon right now, but rather to quietly weave a new web as you sip your tea and curl up with a pile of juicy tomes. This is a fantastic time to plan (not to mention sketch, paint, and sculpt) while you pad about your space in the fuzzy slippers. To help facilitate the process, remember to keep yourself hydrated, and grab some fresh air whenever you can, even when it’s frigid, even if only for a few minutes. Live in a city? Get to the nearest park, waterfront, rooftop, or even the base of a sidewalk tree. It may seem like too massive an effort, but if you take a moment to step outside it will clear your mind as you breathe new oxygen into the body, and you’ll be amazed at what happens when you allow yourself to receive the cosmic download nature so generously offers.

Though most witches will agree that the natural cycle of the earth declares Samhain as the end of the harvest, and thus the beginning of the New Year, it is interesting to note that January also has pre-Christian roots as the marking of a new cycle. The Roman god Janus, for whom the month is named, had two faces: one ruled endings and one new beginnings. He was the overseer of both, as well as past and future. Much like the Dark Moon’s passage into the New Moon, this is indeed a time of transition. And, as always, the stars are right on time.

This month begins brightly with a New Moon partial Solar eclipse in reliable Capricorn on January 5th at 8:28pm EST.  Happily, this is quite a harmonious eclipse (thanks to an intriguing alliance between Saturn, Neptune, and the star Vega) filled with generous creative energies that invite optimism balanced by self-discipline. Sit with that for a moment – that’s a recipe for gestation of a healthy new project if ever there was one! But here’s what’s really amazing: under this Moon you can begin or grow a new venture brilliantly, with a great chance of long-term success. Yes! The trick is to be absolutely certain that your intentions are both noble and put forth with integrity. Now, of course, this should always be a part of your magickal practices, but be especially aware of the impact now. Should you allow ego to govern, and accolades to be your goal, the results will be at best only fleetingly successful, with the promise of certain loss. (Watch out for false flattery and superficial communications, too, for they will be ever-present.) However, if you are true and honorable in your vision, you are perched for triumph. Remember that Capricorn builds, so a steady climb combined with patience will rule here. Keep the Goat’s sure-footed diligence close to you, for his ambitions always have a strong foundation beneath them. This is also an excellent time to help facilitate your plans by streamlining and finding ways to make things more efficient.

In the spirit of Janus, and this most promising New Moon, I’ve conjured a heavenly potion for you to sip and luxuriate in while you plan your next adventure. This one is deliciously creamy and thick, more like dessert really, with a sweet and spicy nod to the beauty of letting go while simultaneously reaching for the stars. I love the idea of combining both detoxifying and nourishing properties into a New Moon potion, so do enjoy this one fully, knowing that you are giving your heavenly body just what it needs right now – particularly after the holidays when too many treats can sap your skin of precious hydration and nutrients. There’s lots of love and money magick in there also to help manifest your plans, sprinkled with insight and protection to keep you on track.

Winter’s Moon

1 cup unsweetened cashew milk
6 unsweetened dried figs (or 4 fresh)
1 small ripe banana
1-1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1-2 teaspoons raw coconut nectar or stevia

Combine all your ingredients into a high-speed blender, and pulse until completely smooth. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and a sprinkling of Capricorn-ruled dried cranberries (juice sweetened only!) for a little extra cleansing and purification, with an added shot of antioxidants to keep you at your most vibrant. The coconut nectar gives it a delicate sweetness without the age-accelerating refined sugar, and works well for those needing to keep an eye on their glycemic index. (Opt for the stevia if you cannot tolerate any sugars at all.) Let your imagination flow as you concoct, seeing and feeling your new plan come to life.

Cashews are rich in skin-firming vitamin E, beauty fats, and fire-ruled money magick.

Figs are love gifts of Jupiter, bringing expansive creative energies along with cleansing fiber, beautifying vitamins, and minerals.

Bananas have abundant love and money magick pulsing through their vitamin-rich, fiber-filled goodness. They moderate blood sugar levels to keep your energy on an even keel while you remain pleasantly full, but still feeling light.

Cardamom & Cinnamon are two ancient beautifying spices containing vitamins A, B, C, and antioxidants which help boost circulation to revitalize the skin to make it glow. Magickally, they conspire to heighten your love life, increase psychic awareness, and draw money near.

Beauty Witch Tip: Capricorn rules the skin, so while you are renewing it from the inside out, reserve a tiny amount of elixir to use topically as a facial masque – it will leave you with rejuvenated, plumped and luminous skin that’s teeming with moisture.

As you are steadfastly stirring the cauldron of hushed creativity, we reach the peak of the month on January 21st at 12:16 am EST, with a Full Wolf Moon total eclipse in magnetic Leo. I always adore the Leo moons for their unparalleled star power, but this occasion, my Dear Ones, may prove a bit challenging. With a square to the predictably unpredictable Uranus, and his gift of triggering unexpected events, the mood may feel jumpy and anxious. A sense of wanting to rebel and break free can pervade now, so be mindful of rash decisions – this is not a Moon for making sudden changes.

All this along with the intense emotions that accompany the Silver Lady at her fullest, it is wise to remain adaptable right now. Take the high road by aligning with Leo’s great big heart, and with it the sign’s romantic, sensual self. Leo loves to love and be loved, so tune into those positive energies now. When you feel yourself getting agitated, take a deep breath to open your heart, then shake your mane and disarm yourself (and others) with the legendary charm of the big cat.

I love the feline/canine, feminine/masculine, lunar/solar vibrational balance of this Moon. Both the lion and the wolf are symbols of unfailing strength, loyalty and fearlessness – so allow these qualities to dominate when things gets a bit wobbly, and you’ll shine. This potion clears both the mind and the aura, calms, and strengthens while infusing you with Leo’s charismatic allure. Did I mention that it’s fabulous for your skin also?

The Lion and The Wolf
Body/Aura Mist

3 oz. rose water
I teaspoon chamomile flowers
1 small pinch of pure amber resin
13 drops jasmine absolute
6 drops clary sage essential oil

Pour the rose water into a glass vessel that has a stopper or cork. Sprinkle in the chamomile flowers. Now add in the jasmine and clary sage, one at a time, and give the potion a clockwise swirl to combine. Feel yourself staying calm in the storm, allowing playfulness to take over. See yourself shining bright, effortlessly handling everything that comes your way. Crumble the amber resin and let it fall gently into the potion like faerie dust. Allow the potion to rest overnight in the light of the Full Moon, taking it down and using as needed. Carry it with you when you are out and about, and spritz liberally whenever you feel unsettling vibes hovering.

Rose Water is a beautiful, harmonious blessing of love and strength. Together with its skin-loving moisture and anti-ageing powers, this sacred water of Venus and Freya makes for an excellent potion base.

Chamomile soothes and provides tranquility during an emotional storm, and helps to clear negativity. It softens and soothes your skin while attracting love and abundance.

Amber is an age-old stone of beauty known as “the happy stone.” It cleanses and circulates the blood, which imparts glow and youthfulness to the skin. Amber also drives away negative energy and has an intoxicating, irresistible scent.

Jasmine has long been known as an aphrodisiac that soothes the mind and body, but it is also rich in antioxidants and natural moisturizers that protect skin without clogging pores, making it a must for all skin types, particularly during the cold months.

Clary Sage is a wonderfully antidepressant, slightly sedative oil that produces feelings of euphoria. It is also antibacterial and highly protective from a magick standpoint.

***Do not use clary sage if you are pregnant.

Beauty Witch Tip: Add a small piece of both sunstone and moonstone to the potion bottle to represent the lion and the wolf, and the balance of celestial bodies.

Enjoy your moments of quiet, my Beasties, for the pace will quicken once again before we even know it, and you will be thankful for not only the rest you gave yourself, but also the time spent wisely designing your next project. I can’t wait to hear all about it – tell me in the comments below how you plan to use this cozy little spell, and what you wish to create!

Love and Stardust,

Xo Alise

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.


  1. OMG thank you so much for this – couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been getting in an after holiday slump, and you pulled me out of it! Thank you for always inspiring, and you are so right – the Winter’s Moon is delicious! I’m hooked!

  2. Thank you, as always, for your insight and guidance, Alise! My next ‘adventure’ is one of self healing, I’m planning on going more inward this winter. Of course, I’ll need to work on balancing that inward journey with an outward one, which isn’t my strong suit. I’ll be sure to carry The Lion and The Wolf mist with me whenever I venture out.

    • Kristi, I’m so glad to hear that! Yes, that balance can be an interesting one…but you will do it, I know. I have total faith in you! I’m glad you’ll keep the Lion and The Wolf close by. They’ll watch over you 😉 XOXOXO Alise

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