Some fragrances last longer than others, and it depends on the type of fragrance that you choose.

For example, fruity, citrusy scents are light and disappear faster. Fragrances with a heavier base note, like sandalwood, vanilla, or patchouli, burn off more slowly. Here are some ways to help make your scent last.

Never spray fragrance on your wrists and rub them together. When you rub you create heat, and the top notes will burn off quickly. Instead, put a dab on one wrist and gently touch it to the other.

Layer your fragrance. Apply perfume or eau de toilette on top of scented lotion or body oil.

Eau de parfum is more expensive, but it lasts longer than eau de toilette, which contains more alcohol. Alcohol is a volatile carrier and can evaporate quickly.

If you don’t want your fragrance to enter the room before you do, avoid applying fragrance directly to your skin. Instead, spray it into the air and walk into it.

Fragrance has more resonance on the pulse points, because of the heat of your heartbeat. Apply it to the décolleté, behind the ears, and in the crook of the elbows. When you want to be more seductive, spray it directly on your ankles or behind your knees. That way, when you walk it will follow you.

Essential oil fragrances last longest because they don’t contain alcohol.


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