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Princess Sabra, or The King’s Daughter (1865), by Edward Burne-Jones

Once there was a story
that lost its end.
It turned in tepid circles
grasping ideas & air
scented like half-remembered
moments lost.

Dust motes moved in where
commas used to be.
Lint smudged out plotlines
& shadows cast by early morning
erased all words that followed
the first.

Can there be a story in just one word?

Must it be repeated? Or, once
once had come, been said,
must it transform—
stretch its sides to accommodate
twice, thrice, more?

Once wonders. Once ponders.
Once sees at last
there’s no need to fret about
middles, endings, denouements.

All the reader needs to spin
a kaleidoscope of wonder

is Once.


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Marisca Pichette
Marisca Pichette loves all things broken and mended. Her debut poetry collection, Rivers in Your Skin, Sirens in Your Hair, is out now from Android Press. Find her on Instagram as @marisca_write and Twitter as @mariscapichette.