Celestial Pablum (1958), by Remedios Varo

The Caged Moon

Feature Image: Celestial Pablum (1958), by Remedios Varo If you plan to travel to Mexico City, you will likely be cautioned, both by the internet and...
Photographer/Creative Director: Natasha Wilson @natashawilson.co Models: Seema Hari @seemahari, Maia Saavedra @maiasaavedra_photo, Four @4likefour, Mack @mackandgold, Jetta Juriansz @shmetta Gowns: Michelle Hebért @michellehebertofficial

Around the Fire We Are All Witches

Embrace the enchanting magic of summer through the warmth of barbecues, the mystique of bonfires, and the wonder of stargazing. Discover the ancient rituals that connect us to nature's rhythms and ignite our own inner fire.
The Mermaid (1896), by Edvard Munch

Missive From A Sea Witch

Join the captivating tale of a sea creature's love and transformation, as she imparts enchanting sea magic. Discover the power of water and its connection to our emotions and stories. Dive into this heartfelt journey of longing, reflection, and the relentless beauty of the ocean

Magic by Moonlight

Photography by PRISCILLA HERNANDEZ Instagram @yidneth The sun was directly overhead but would soon bow to the moon. She was preparing the garden. All the moonlight...

Charms for Summer

It begins with the pink moon in spring. It begins with fireflies in the hedges and falling in love for the first time. It’s passion,...

Experience ‘Beguiled’: A Captivating Fantasy Novel Rooted in Folklore and Fairy...

We want to tell you about a novel from author Cyla Panin—Beguiled, that came out last summer and can be found at all book retailers! Here's...
Study for Maidens Picking Flowers by the Stream (1911), by John William Waterhouse

The Witch’s Secret

Feature Image: Study for Maidens Picking Flowers by the Stream (1911), by John William Waterhouse Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons There was something strange about the cottage at...
Photography by MARTIN PODT @martinpodt

A Spell for Summoning Spring

Spring does not need to be summoned. It will come in its own time and its own way to grace the land around us. It always does. For me, in my area, I know spring is well and truly on the way in early March, when the mesquite trees are heavy with their delicate yellow blooms and the wildflowers begin showing off all over the place. The first to arrive is pink primrose, and that is followed by bluebonnet, Mexican hats, and paintbrush, and last are the wild white poppies with a shock of hot pink at their center. This is how spring settles itself into the land where I live.

Dance of the Selkies

Article from the Sumer Mermaid Issue #59 Photography by The Witching Hour Photography Model Tatiana Pimentel The woman glanced in the mirror and wondered who the tired person...
Photograph by Ellen Tyn

The Witch in Spring

Photograph by Ellen Tyn Wake up, wake up! say the first snowdrops. Their green stems poke through the snow, and their delicate hanging bells quiver...