Illustrated by Guinevere von Sneeden

Grainne O’Malley the Girl Pirate

Illustrated by Guinevere von Sneeden On the craggy west coast of Ireland in the 16th century, between the sloping green and misty valleys on one...
Photograph by Ellen Tyn

The Witch in Spring

Photograph by Ellen Tyn Wake up, wake up! say the first snowdrops. Their green stems poke through the snow, and their delicate hanging bells quiver...

The Night of The Witch

Photo by Natalya Letunova on Unsplash Article from Issue #40 Subscribe | Single Issue Every few years they came searching and this was the year they found them. Three sisters living...
Witch of Wild Things by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

Witch of Wild Things: An Excerpt

"Hold up,” he says gently. He cuts into a more bushy part of the woods, off trail. I follow. There, growing out of a...
Photography by Katerina Plotnikova

Whispers from the Hedgerow

Photography by Katerina Plotnikova There are souls whose hearts beat out an unkept rhythm that can’t help but keep them on the margins of our...
Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash, Witch, Enchanted Living Magazine

Seeking the Witch

BY SARA CLETO AND BRITTANY WARMAN Few words conjure up an always bubbling, deeply complex brew of emotion like the whisper of witch. Depending on...
The Mermaid (1896), by Edvard Munch

Missive From A Sea Witch

Join the captivating tale of a sea creature's love and transformation, as she imparts enchanting sea magic. Discover the power of water and its connection to our emotions and stories. Dive into this heartfelt journey of longing, reflection, and the relentless beauty of the ocean

Dance of the Selkies

Article from the Sumer Mermaid Issue #59 Photography by The Witching Hour Photography Model Tatiana Pimentel The woman glanced in the mirror and wondered who the tired person...
Photographer/Creative Director: Natasha Wilson Models: Seema Hari @seemahari, Maia Saavedra @maiasaavedra_photo, Four @4likefour, Mack @mackandgold, Jetta Juriansz @shmetta Gowns: Michelle Hebért @michellehebertofficial

Around the Fire We Are All Witches

Embrace the enchanting magic of summer through the warmth of barbecues, the mystique of bonfires, and the wonder of stargazing. Discover the ancient rituals that connect us to nature's rhythms and ignite our own inner fire.
Signs You May Have FalleN ThRough TiMe by Grace Nuth Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden Outlander

Signs You May Have Fallen Through Time

Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden • You can lace your own corset without assistance. • You wear corsets. • When your friends order cocktails, you prefer a...