Dress, circa 1837, American. Silk. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Rogers Fund.

Fall of the Empire: Romanticism Through Dresses

Feature Image: Dress, circa 1837, American. Silk. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Rogers Fund. At the top of the 19th century, the Enlightenment and...

Venturing into the Countryside

Text and Photography by THE SEAMSTRESS OF ROHAN   If you try to imagine what life was like for a woman in the early 19th century, Jane...

The Divine Feline

Wherever the leopard is known, it has moved the hearts and spirits of those who’ve seen it. With its grace and power, its ability...
Photo by Nsey Benajah on Unsplash

Tim Gunn On Mermaid Fashion

Article from Issue #25 || Buy Do you feel that mermaids and mermaidly allure have a place in today’s fashion world? When we consider the catalysts...
Photography by Joy Marshall The Witching Hour Photography Model- Tatiana Pimentel Location- Frog Hollow

The Alchemy Of Parrish Relics

“Go to nature in all singleness of heart … rejecting nothing, selecting nothing and scorning nothing; believing all things to be right and good,...

The Stitch Witchery of Gibbous Fashions

Selene Ahnese, founder of the company Gibbous Fashions, is a stitch witch. The fabric storyteller is based in Olympia, Washington. She collects scraps of...

Wilde Hunt Corsetry

Photography: Frank Wiredu Models: Karisah Brown, Lucia Corsetti, Maryam Jama Fashion (except white lace gown): Wilde Hunt Corsetry White lace gown: Style and Salvage MUA: Ludie Senatus The influence...
Serpents and Sorceresses—a decadent assortment of antique Art Nouveau brooches and buttons, including interlaced serpents accented with shimmering garnets and marcasite, a fluttering of bats, plus the witchy women who are perfectly content to share their time with either (and perhaps be convinced to tell your fortune while doing so).

Art Nouveau by Moonlight

As the dawn of a new century approached and cityscapes became grayer, smokier, and increasingly mechanized, a group of artists found themselves yearning for...

Redefining Art Nouveau Style with Firefly Path

We’ve worked with gown designer JoEllen Elam Conway of Firefly Path on several projects—including our summer 2017 cover featuring six luminous fairies garbed in...

Woodland Wonderment: The Enchantment of Ellen Tyn

She strikes an elf-like and enchanting figure on her Instagram, her riotous fluffy mass of sun-blond hair flying behind her as she runs through...