Excerpt from The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black

We're super excited about #1 New York Times bestselling author/Queen of Faerie Holly Black's new novel The Prisoner's Throne, the "stunning blood-soaked conclusion to the...

Coyote Season

Winter is a lesson in magic because it is a season of paradox. It is the time of hustle, bustle, and busyness. It’s the...

A New Twist On An Old Ritual

Now that you have your new tree or shrub firmly planted in your garden, why not bless it with a new twist on an...

Book Excerpt: A Year In The Enchanted Garden

I wrote A Year in the Enchanted Garden: Cultivating the Witch’s Soul With Spells, Crafts & Garden Know-How, my new book from Llewellyn, to...

The Witch Of The Winter Woods

Art by Jana Heidersdorf When I was a child, I strayed too far from the path and was eaten by a wolf. A woodcutter saved...
Pamela Zimmerman Art

Catching The Moon: An interview with Pamela Zimmerman

Explore Pamela Zimmerman's captivating basketry, where each creation tells a unique story. From coiled Native-style baskets to emotive faces in "Catching the Moon," discover artistry beyond utility.
Rachel Oakes-Illustration_The Dark Mother

Elder Mother

Grandmother Elder, that’s what they call me. They can’t seem to agree if I am a tree or a shrub, which is fitting really—I’ve always...
Sharon Lynn Fisher's new book Salt & Broom, a witchy retelling of the classic Jane Eyre story.

Salt & Broom by Sharon Lynn Fisher – Witchy Retelling of...

How lovely is this new tome from Sharon Lynn Fisher, Salt & Broom, a witchy retelling of Jane Eyre? Or, as Sharon puts it, "Jane Eyre, but make...

The Cruel Prince Winter Solstice Ornament Countdown

You can now bring Holly Black’s magic of Elfhame into your holiday season with The Cruel Prince Winter Solstice Ornament Countdown. Decorate for winter revels with...
Photograph by Courtney B. Hall @light_witch

The Autumn Queen

Step into the world of the Autumn Queen with Margaret Sofia Marangione as your guide. Explore the vibrant hues and inner power of the season, celebrating the wisdom and abundance that autumn brings. Discover the strength and authority of women throughout history who ruled their lives and kingdoms with grace. Join us on this journey through the autumn of life, where the harvest is rich, and the spirit thrives. Embrace the warmth of bonfires, the call of the King Stag, and the comforting embrace of a crackling woodstove. Let the autumn chill usher you into a season of reflection, gratitude, and inner fire