Signs You May Be Moonstruck

Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden   Moonflowers are your favorite bloom. When you see a painting of a moon-gazing hare, you whisper, “Me too.” You...

Brokenhearted: A fairy tale by Alice Hoffman

Short Story from Issue #35 Summer 2016   This is the way she knew he was gone: The door was open. His boots were missing. The...

Ferns and Fairy Tales

Photography by Scott Irvine There is something inherently magical about ferns. Perhaps it’s because they’ve retained their prehistoric look. Ferns took root long before animals walked...
From Stories from the Arabian nights retold by Laurence Houseman; with drawings by Edmund Dulac. Wikimedia Commons.

My Arabian Superheroin

Every time my writing gets stuck, I ask myself, “How would Scheherazade get out of this?” Of course, she would know what to do. That’s...
Terry Dresbach Diana Gabaldon as Iona MacTavish Outlander Faerie Magazine

Dressed to Thrill

Should you encounter Terry Dresbach at Thru the Stones in late November, billed as “the first and largest Outlander convention in the Central United States,”...

Forest Bathing

Photography by Inge Bovens Elves and fairies have long embraced the magic of the forest, living as they do under wild mushrooms and toadstools, on...

The Troubadour’s Guide to Modern Courtly Love

Article from the Medieval Issue #41 Print // Digital Ah, young courtly love, the all-consuming, not-quite platonic, and entirely effusive adoration of a medieval knight for his liege’s wife. The...
Outlander, AF Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

A Wild Yarn

Feature image credit: AF Archive / Alamy Stock Photo When it comes to costuming, enchantment lies in the details. Flora Kennedy’s exquisite accent pieces add layers...

Wrought By Rasputina

Rasputina’s formidable back catalog is like an old history library, the tiered kind, with sliding ladders, stained-glass windows, and oiled wood, where gilt-embossed titles...
Photo by paul morris on Unsplash

A Faerie Interview With Ellen Evert Hopman

We found Ellen Evert Hopman's Scottish Herbs and Fairy Lore to be an invaluable resource as we prepared our Outlander issue, which is chock full of herbal magic and...