Your extra money goes to bath bombs, bath soaps, and perfumes.

As a child, you practiced pressing your legs and feet together as hard as you could, hoping to fuse them into a tail.

The Shape of Water felt like an autobiography when you saw it in the theater more than once.

When you hold a conch shell to your ear, it sounds like home.

Sometimes you cry for no apparent reason, and the salty taste of your tears makes you yearn even more.

You wear sea shells every day: Abalone dangles from your ears; a nautilus necklace glimmers.

You listen to ocean or whale songs to drift off to sleep each night.

Your skin shimmers in the light, and even when it doesn’t, you wear glitter and sparkles to make it perfectly so.

When you read The Little Mermaid, you can feel the cut glass under her human feet and cry every time she turns to foam at the end.

Dark, strange weather and times of day appeal to you more than the bright, clear light of midday. You love drizzling, dark afternoons, the times just after dusk, and just before dawn.

When sipping a drink through a straw, you always blow bubbles.

Friends tease you that walking into your house is like going underwater—walls painted blue, teal, and green.

“Song to the Siren” is your anthem.

You have a bubbly exterior but hidden depths to your personality as well.

The feeling of sand between your toes is more soothing than any foot massage.

The call of the ocean is always inside you.

Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden

Sixteen Signs You May Be a Mermaid by Grace Nuth Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden Faerie Magazine

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Grace Nuth is a writer, artist, and model living in central Ohio with her husband, black cat, and a garden full of fairies. She also co-wrote The Faerie Handbook, out in November 2017 from Harper Design. To follow her projects, please visit