We are enjoying getting to work on our autumn issue — which is all about Outlander! If you’re a fan of the books or show, let us know what you think — and what you’d love to see. (You can comment below or email info@faeriemag.com.) If you don’t know the books or show, you might want to take a peek. Either way, you’ll still love all the sumptuous Scotland images and herbal medicine and magic and tartan/Outlander fashion we’ll be featuring (including the knits of Inner Wild, whose work was showcased on the Outlander tv show), not to mention the lush Scottish recipes, our interview with Diana Gabaldon, a sneak peek at Signe Pike’s new novel, and much much more!

To get a taste, just look at this delectable bannock bread from Gather Victoria! In our hearts, we are eating it right now.

Outlander Faerie Magazine bannock bread from Gather Victoria

We’re also in love with the Outlander photos of writer/executive producer/director Matthew B. Roberts and thought we’d share this one to set the mood:

Fearie Magazine Matthew B. Roberts Outlander Set Photo

And to get you in more of an Outlander fashion state of mind, here’s a piece from Irish designer Celtic Fusion‘s stunning handcrafted clothing line, which we’ll be featuring in the issue:

Faerie Magazine Outlander issue Celtic Fusion's stunning handcrafted clothing line irish

Sigh. Plus they plant a tree for every item sold!

We also love these druid dance images from our friend Darja Bilyk, who shot these in Scotland. She says: “We took our inspiration from the druid dance. Although we couldn’t afford travelling to the stones used in Outlander, we still found a similar circle of stones not far from Edinburgh. I think it makes the pictures look more down-to-earth and closer to the viewer.” She also says: “It’s funny that the FOUR girls are all of different nationalities (Latvian, German, Ukrainian and Russian) and yet all were united by Outlander and witch dance.”

Aren’t they magical? We hope this issue will inspire you to take to the fields and forest, too.

Faerie Magazine Outlander Druids Magic Autumn Issue

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