We asked Celeste Onorati, astrologer and founder of Jai Mala Rose—a handmade custom rose-petal-bead jewelry and mala company—to share her thoughts on what the stars will hold for the coming year.

Onorati applies teachings based on Eastern philosophical traditions and the Advaitic transmission of truth, which considers the soul the same as the highest metaphysical reality. According to Onorati, “it comes from the Upanishads, a collection of philosophical texts known as the Vedas. Advaita literally means ‘non-duality.’ It is a monistic system of thought, it literally means there is no difference. We are all one.” She is a lecturer, one-on-one consultant, and host of a podcast series called The Space Now Celeste Onorati on iTunes and Spotify, as well as the author of You Are You: Your Guide to Freedom From Stress.

Rona Berg: How did you get your start with astrology?
Celeste Onorati: I was a curious ten-year-old working in my father’s newspaper store. The year was 1965. I read an article on astrology, and that’s when I knew that I needed to investigate further. Back then it was difficult to find books on this subject. Today, with the internet, we are fortunate to have immediate access to knowledge from so many sources. I didn’t give up and, five years later, on a high school field trip to New York City, I found my first astrology book, by the famed astrologer Isabel Hickey. I still have this book, and it will always be one of my favorites.

RB: Why does astrology resonate with you?
CO: Astrology continues to speak to my soul in a passionate, emotional way. I had an unhappy childhood with questions about life that went unanswered. I often wondered, Could there be an end to suffering? A deep comfort and inspiration came over me when I looked up to the stars. I knew they would show me the way. As a Capricorn with Sagittarius ascendant, my practical earth-driven desire was to understand myself and evolve so I could make positive change—to learn my strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and celebrate the name given to me at birth, Celeste.

RB: What are some general predictions for the next year?
CO: A lot of earth energy with Uranus in Taurus, Saturn and Pluto in the earth sign Capricorn, and Jupiter joining in December.

We begin and end 2019 with solar-eclipse cycles on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. It’s going to be about home and work-life balance and what really matters. How are you organizing your life? Eclipses conceal things initially that may not be seen clearly until 2020. Capricorn energy is about integrity. If times are difficult, it is important to pay attention to what really is important and not be influenced by others. Whatever house Capricorn rules in your personal chart will reveal how these energies play out.

It’s important to be grounded and really be present. Mother Earth is asking us to be with nature and more connected with the earth, to have structure but be flexible. Set your goals. Know when to let go and when to push forward.

Jupiter will be in its own sign in Sagittarius from November 2018 until December 2019, and when planets are in their own sign, that is when they have the most powerful energy and influences. It is a call for freedom and humanitarian efforts on a large scale. This energy deals with higher consciousness, spiritual beliefs, and values.

It’s also favorable for reaching world-trade agreements. Everyone can benefit from this expansive energy, especially the fire and air signs. It is a time to create, grow, and reap the benefits of the seeds you have planted. The earth and water signs will also gain by what you have cultivated in the last year. A very prosperous, abundant year. Go for every adventure that presents itself; there will be many options. Balance and structure are key. So build, travel, enjoy every moment in a healthy, productive way.

Uranus in Taurus 2019 until 2025—a lot of tests and lessons here to improve our earth. Or breaking away from systems and doing something on your own. How are you using your talents and gifts? Uranus rules the unexpected, unpredictable, and unconventional. It visits a sign every eighty-four years, and it shakes up the status quo. Uranus is fixed in the future, and Taurus is fixed in the past. Taurus rules money, so our financial systems could become unstable, or it could produce a cashless system for the exchange of services and goods.

Our material objects come into question: What is really valuable here? Farming, how can we become more sustainable and grow more nutritious foods to enhance our supply? The voice and throat, people speaking out through protest, a digital revolution to include the arts and music. These areas will go through major changes in the next seven years.

RB: Any advice to share in these difficult times?
CO: When times are difficult and people put obstacles in our way, it forces us to make change. Take time to listen and hear the sounds around you. Be present. Investigate your mind. Help one another. That’s meditation. That’s love.

Learn more about Celeste Onorati at celesteonorati.com.

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