Speaking of fairies and winged creatures generally, we wanted to introduce you to artist Lisa Azzano this week, and share some of her luminous art. Look at this fairy:

When did you start sculpting angels and fairies and what inspired you?
I started sculpting angels and faeries about 25 years ago. I was inspired because they have always been around me and a normal part of my life. I could see them and hear them, especially the faeries. I have designed and sculpted many angels for people (around the world) as healing angels and some for memorials as well as fountains.

Can you tell us a bit about your process?
My process is not always step by step. I get images that stay in my mind for a long time sometimes years before I create them. Sculpting angels is a very different process for me than sculpting faeries. The angels are usually planned out ahead of time before I actually start into the clay. I usually connect with the person first and their (guides) before starting to get an understanding of what is needed for them energetically for their sculpture. Most times, I make a charcoal sketch or drawing first showing the figure from different view points and angles. I like to work in white clay and porcelain. I love the fine texture and light translucent quality of the porcelain. It is so delicate yet very strong.

Sculpting faeries is a whole different story… I am not sure if I ever sculpted a faerie that I had first planned out. They usually just seem to appear when I am not even thinking of making one or when I am in the middle of a different project! Their energy is fast, joyful and a little surprising and I always feel like I want to laugh! I feel that they show up when they want to help me lighten up and put things into perspective for me!

At the moment I am working on a new series of small porcelain faeries. They have added crystals and silver and gold accents.  This is a very special series because these faeries have a very important message to share and I have written down their words for us and will sculpt them as they have asked to be portrayed.  They were very insistent that their messages reach out to us. (I always carry a small sketch/note book with me for this reason.) If I don’t, I get this urgent feeling and can’t rest until I have it written down. I think this is their way of making sure that I remember to do this.

The angels as I have mentioned have a different role. They seem to be of assistance for the planet as well as for individuals. Even though the messages I receive from the faeries are planetary, having more to do with environmental issues, they also mention how our heavy emotions are ‘clogging’ up things in other realms which is why they want us to lighten up. Angels have a message that is Universal and are especially concerned with the healing of our hearts.

Last year I lived in Florence, Italy for a while again on my own to create 12 special healing angels (planetary and heart healing) My first angel called Angel of Awakening is moulded and cast and is available here. This angel’s message is about Clarity and Vision for ourselves and for our planet. The other 11 angels are in the process of being cast and will be available shortly. Each angel  represents a month of the year and has a corresponding healing crystal along with the angel’s special message.

What about a couple of your more interesting commissions?
An example of one of my favorite commissions was a sculpture of a winged lion for the founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in Africa. It is an amazing  foundation that was created to protect these magnificent lion beings in Africa. My dream is to be able to visit these beautiful lions one day.

You paint as well as sculpt. Can you talk about that? What makes you choose one medium over the other for a specific piece?
Yes, I paint as well as sculpt although I don’t really consider myself a painter. I draw usually to express an idea or a design for a project. I worked on a project a few years ago creating goddess illustrations for a book. I decided that I needed to learn more about color and painting. I ended up studying classical portrait painting (in oils) in Florence, Italy for a while and it was a wonderful experience and foundation but also realized that I would need another lifetime to be able to paint how I would love to be able to paint!

It has been a valuable experience and has helped me to improve with my drawing skills which is necessary I believe (for me) whether sculpting or painting..drawing I realize (finally) is the foundation and there is never ending learning.

I continue to learn and study. It is the joy of learning something new and experimenting is why I sometimes choose painting for a project. I choose painting when I see images, colors or scenes that I cannot express in a sculpture in the same way. It can also be a much faster process for me so sometimes it helps me to get that energy moving if I am feeling stuck on a different project.  Sometimes, I will make a quick drawing or painting non related to what I may be working on in order to get the flow back for myself.

Do you believe in magic, fairies, etc?
Yes! Most definitely I believe in magic and faeries! My whole life has been filled with it! Synchronicities, unexplained and unusual events and very unique and special people. I also had a very unusual childhood and have lived in many different countries. I have seen a variety of different beings/faeries some that I could never be able to explain so being able to draw them has helped.

The series of faeries that I am working on now are based on the faeries that I have mentioned earlier and is called the Danu Faeries. They are sculpted in porcelain and are the special ones that are urgently wanted to get their messages out to the world.  It has a lot to do with our planet and especially caring for our water, oceans, rivers, lakes, streams etc.

How do you stay enchanted in your own life?
I stay enchanted in my life by being in nature as much as I can by walking in forests, visiting waterfalls, the ocean, lakes, visiting the mountains, being around flowers especially roses, visiting museums and art galleries to see beautiful art in the world–and visiting Italy whenever I can! 🙂

How can someone order one of your sculptures or paintings?
I can be contacted by email, through my websitestoreEtsy, or Facebook. I have a newsletter that will be out shortly (you can sign up on my website) to show some new pieces and to update when the next angels will be available.


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