Photography by Mike Shane with Sage Sovereign

The Witch in Winter

Photography by Mike Shane with Sage Sovereign The temperature has dropped, and you’ve taken out all your cozy sweaters. Each morning the edges of the...
Freyja and the Necklace (1890), by James Doyle Penrose

Shaping The Future With Freyja

In the ancient Norse tradition, Freyja, the revered goddess, was known for her mastery of Seidr magic—an enduring form of sorcery focused on healing, divination, and shaping the future. Discover the profound connection between Seidr and the influential Norse deity in Gina Spriggs' enlightening exploration.
Icy winter branched by Dan Hamill on Pexels

Icy Winter Magic

Embrace winter magic as a season of reinvention. Cozy up for the dark months and cleanse your spirit, settle relationships, and craft new happiness. Snow and ice, combining the properties of water and crystals, facilitate magical transformations. The way you gather materials influences your spell—calm energy with fresh fallen snow or harness a wintry power during a storm. Explore the enchantment of winter spells for spiritual renewal.

Make a Broom – Fly Over The Moon

Want to try your hand at making one of Baker’s brooms? Here’s how to get started. Master broomsquire Charlotte Baker of Nightshade Handmade says, “I...

Make A Harvest Besom

For this project you will need: • A large dowel rod about 1 inch in diameter, 2 feet in length • A spool of 18-gauge nylon...
Three Women and Three Wolves (1900), by Eugène Grasset

Soul Flight

Unlock the secrets of Witches' Flying Ointment 🌙✨ Dive into ancient herbal magic, soul exploration, and DIY mysticism. Discover the power of cottonwood, mugwort, yarrow, and calendula in this enchanting journey. 🧙‍♀️🌿 #Witchcraft #HerbalMagic #SoulFlight #DIYMagic
The Love Potion (1903), by Evelyn De Morgan Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

The Powers of the Witch are Within You With Spells and...

You are a witch. That means an artist, a warrior, a healer, and a queen all at once. You are not like the rest...
Photo: Amanda Valentine Makeup: Jessica Saint

Ancestral Magick: An Autumn Witch Initiation Ritual to Connect with Your...

Down in New Orleans, there is a place that exists at the crossroads of magick and moonlight. I am here now. I write this...

Discover the Enchanted World of Witchcraft and Tarot with The Magickal...

We wanted to share some announcements from The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft, Tarot & Personal Transformation, where you can build on this gorgeous...

Jack-o’-Lantern Magic

Uncover the fascinating history of jack-o’-lanterns, from their Irish origins to modern-day Halloween traditions. Learn how they hold a special place in the world of witches.