Kupala Night: A Vibrant Slavic Holiday and Its Magical Rituals

Experience the enchanting Kupala Night, a joyful and mysterious Slavic holiday filled with bonfires, dancing, and magical rituals. Discover the ancient traditions of fire and water, the release of wreaths, and the search for the legendary fern flower. Join Lena Lenard, on Instagram @lena_fox_art, for a glimpse into this vibrant celebration of love, fertility, and nature.

Self-Care for the Summer Witch

Embrace the summer season with self-care ideas that celebrate the beauty and intensity of this time. Connect with the wonder of childhood by spending time with a young friend and engaging in magical activities. Explore nature by creating a fairy house or having a picnic at the woods' edge, sharing your treats with the tiny creatures around you. Find solace in the shade of trees, appreciating the dappled light and your place in the natural world. Cultivate gratitude for your body by embracing your skin's vulnerability and taking a moment to feel alive. Experience the joy of a rainstorm, allowing the raindrops to touch your skin and finding laughter in the contradictions of life. Stay hydrated and infuse water with delicious flavors, hosting a garden party and delighting guests with flower-filled ice cubes. Indulge in long baths, whether indoors or outdoors, and savor the relaxation as the summer heat melts away. Take time to appreciate the magic of fireflies and commit to being technology-free while you marvel at their glow. Surround yourself with flowers, bringing some indoors and pressing or drying others for future use. Lastly, give yourself permission to retreat and prioritize your self-care, even in the hottest days of summer.

Magic by Moonlight

Photography by PRISCILLA HERNANDEZ Instagram @yidneth The sun was directly overhead but would soon bow to the moon. She was preparing the garden. All the moonlight...

An Organic Fire Ritual

For me, summer comes with the childhood nostalgia of weeks filled with fun, freedom, fireflies, and stargazing. I clearly remember searching the night sky...
Nova Magistirium Suspiria Lacrimosa @novathemagicalcat

5 Signs You Might be a Midsummer Witch

Unveil the signs of being a Midsummer Witch with these intriguing clues. From the mysterious presence of a black cat to the flourishing mushrooms in your compost pile, the enchantment weaves its way into your life. Discover the moonlit nights, the whispers in the wind, and the captivating hum that beckons you. Are you ready to embrace your magical destiny? Explore the allure of Midsummer Witchcraft and find out. #MidsummerWitch #MagicalDestiny #EnchantingWhispers
The Three Witches From Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1892), by Daniel Gardner Art Collection 2 : Alamy Stock Photo

Macbeth’s Three Weyward Sisters

Explore the deceptive paradoxes and fates of Macbeth's three "Weyward Sisters" in Shakespeare's Scottish play. These witches, also known as the Fates of classical myth, delightfully torment the plot with their duplicitous and sly ways, leading characters astray with their prophecies. Discover the twists and turns of the play and its gruesome threesomes as they unravel the plotline in unexpected ways.

The Green Witch Gathering

Learn how to create a magical spring gathering with a green witchy table inspired by the wise women of the village. Follow Tricia Saroya's guide to set a beautiful table filled with potted herbs, natural bits and bobs, magical mushrooms, and tiny spell books. Whether in a garden or in nature, create an ambiance of a gardener's workbench mixed with a touch of magic for a sweet lunch with your best magical friends. Use a potting bench or simple folding table and cover it with linens to complete the look.
The Wizard of Oz 1939 MGM film with Billie Burke as Glinda the Good Witch of the North. Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

Glinda the Good Witch

Feature Image:  The Wizard of Oz 1939 MGM film with Billie Burke as Glinda the Good Witch of the North. Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo When...

Varlow Academy of Magick

You are cordially invited to explore the secrets of the seasons at the Varlow Academy of Magick! I am honored to be your witchy guide as we dive into the mysteries, lore, and tradition of each season. Get ready to amplify your personal power with seasonally crafted initiations.
Nymphs Dancing to Pan’s Flute (1920), by Joseph Tomanek

Walpurgisnacht–The Second Halloween

Feature Image: Nymphs Dancing to Pan’s Flute (1920), by Joseph Tomanek Have you heard of the springtime festival called Walpurgisnacht? If you hail from northern or...