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Ways To Connect With Fairies

A Written Declaration Start by writing a simple declaration of your intent. You’ll need a pen and paper—this can be special parchment, a page in...
The Goblin Market, 1895, by Hilda Koe, oil on canvas

Fairy Gifts

Have you noticed that fairy tales aren’t really about fairies? J.R.R. Tolkien points this out in his essay “On Fairy-Stories.” Fairy tales, he says,...

Signs You May Be A Wood Nymph

Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden • If you go longer than a week without visiting the woods, you start to fade and pine, whether it’s...

An Invocation to Witches

Photography: Val Gleason (@vallerina01) Models: Tiffany Megan (@the.seasonal.scottish.lass), Ginkgo Greene (@ginkgogreene), Haylie Hopkins (@hotmesshaylie) When searching for the right cover for this vintage witch issue, there...

Life of A Love Witch; Earth, Water, Fire & Air Spells

Photography by Steve Parke In this moment, the sun stretches over the open sky, glowing golden before its descent into night. The wind sways the...
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Celestial Fairies

Midnight is the fairy hour, and the edge of night is when their revels begin. But to the Victorian and Edwardian imagination, fairies not...

Enchantments Spells

These enchantment spells are from Stacy Rapp from Enchantments in NYC. "In the spirit of lightness and positivity, Rapp created two candle spells especially...
Styling and photography by TRICIA SAROYA

Glamorous Faerie Queen Sanctuaries

Styling and photography by TRICIA SAROYA This is where we first meet Shakespeare’s Titania: deep in the ancient forest, lying on her floral bower of...
Nova Magistirium Suspiria Lacrimosa @novathemagicalcat

5 Signs You Might be a Midsummer Witch

Unveil the signs of being a Midsummer Witch with these intriguing clues. From the mysterious presence of a black cat to the flourishing mushrooms in your compost pile, the enchantment weaves its way into your life. Discover the moonlit nights, the whispers in the wind, and the captivating hum that beckons you. Are you ready to embrace your magical destiny? Explore the allure of Midsummer Witchcraft and find out. #MidsummerWitch #MagicalDestiny #EnchantingWhispers
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Singapore Mermaid School

"My country straddles an interesting line,” says Syrena, Singapore’s first professional mermaid and founder of the Singapore Mermaid School. “We’ve been very much Westernized for years...