Queen Wolf of the Witches

She is known as Queen Wolf of the Witches. She is a four legged wonder of an animal, a great wolf spirit present in the...
Photographer/Creative Director: Natasha Wilson @natashawilson.co Models: Seema Hari @seemahari, Maia Saavedra @maiasaavedra_photo, Four @4likefour, Mack @mackandgold, Jetta Juriansz @shmetta Gowns: Michelle Hebért @michellehebertofficial

Around the Fire We Are All Witches

Embrace the enchanting magic of summer through the warmth of barbecues, the mystique of bonfires, and the wonder of stargazing. Discover the ancient rituals that connect us to nature's rhythms and ignite our own inner fire.

Kupala Night: A Vibrant Slavic Holiday and Its Magical Rituals

Experience the enchanting Kupala Night, a joyful and mysterious Slavic holiday filled with bonfires, dancing, and magical rituals. Discover the ancient traditions of fire and water, the release of wreaths, and the search for the legendary fern flower. Join Lena Lenard, on Instagram @lena_fox_art, for a glimpse into this vibrant celebration of love, fertility, and nature.

The Art of Broomcraft

Article from the Autumn 2022 Vintage Witch Issue.   Enchanted Living is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted.  Subscribe now and begin with our...

A Lovely Spell from Our Cover Witch: Old School Bruja 

Here's a lovely spell from our cover witch Old School Bruja (you can also find this on her blog): It is that time of year...
Photo: Amanda Valentine Makeup: Jessica Saint

Ancestral Magick: An Autumn Witch Initiation Ritual to Connect with Your...

Down in New Orleans, there is a place that exists at the crossroads of magick and moonlight. I am here now. I write this...
The Mermaid (1896), by Edvard Munch

Missive From A Sea Witch

Join the captivating tale of a sea creature's love and transformation, as she imparts enchanting sea magic. Discover the power of water and its connection to our emotions and stories. Dive into this heartfelt journey of longing, reflection, and the relentless beauty of the ocean

Ways To Show A Witch Your Love

• Crystals are always appropriate, especially in natural stone. All colors are welcome. Give diamonds if you must, but we like cracks and rough...
Photo by Jessica Furtney on Unsplash

Brooms and Besoms: History and Lore

Photo by Jessica Furtney on Unsplash The humble broom is one of the oldest human inventions. The earliest brooms likely consisted of leafy branches or bundles of twigs,...
Snow Moon by Ed Org @ed_org_art

The Witches Who Rule Through Winter (Should You Invite Them to...

It is time to make plans for the long Yuletide festival, which starts around December 21 and ends on New Year’s Day. A traditional ancient...