Photo by Jessica Furtney on Unsplash

Brooms and Besoms: History and Lore

Photo by Jessica Furtney on Unsplash The humble broom is one of the oldest human inventions. The earliest brooms likely consisted of leafy branches or bundles of twigs,...

The Making of a Hydrangea Witch

PHOTOGRAPHY BY SABRINA L. GREENE Photographer Sabrina L. Greene was driving by her local dentist’s office in Waynesville, North Carolina, late last summer when she...

Glowwood Oracle Card Deck By Lisa Biletska + Interview

We wanted to tell you about Glowwood, a brand-new oracle card deck and companion book rooted in ecology created by Ukrainian-American artist and writer Lisa Biletska....

The Messengers Banquet

Photography by Craig Crist and the Wondersmith When I think of a “call to adventure,” I picture a mysterious invitation hidden in the woods inviting...

Kupala Night: A Vibrant Slavic Holiday and Its Magical Rituals

Experience the enchanting Kupala Night, a joyful and mysterious Slavic holiday filled with bonfires, dancing, and magical rituals. Discover the ancient traditions of fire and water, the release of wreaths, and the search for the legendary fern flower. Join Lena Lenard, on Instagram @lena_fox_art, for a glimpse into this vibrant celebration of love, fertility, and nature.

Every Day Magic

Photography by Lena Fox Art Shower Meditation No fancy ingredients are needed. This meditation should help ease tension. I have found that during the equinoxes, when...
Nova Magistirium Suspiria Lacrimosa @novathemagicalcat

5 Signs You Might be a Midsummer Witch

Unveil the signs of being a Midsummer Witch with these intriguing clues. From the mysterious presence of a black cat to the flourishing mushrooms in your compost pile, the enchantment weaves its way into your life. Discover the moonlit nights, the whispers in the wind, and the captivating hum that beckons you. Are you ready to embrace your magical destiny? Explore the allure of Midsummer Witchcraft and find out. #MidsummerWitch #MagicalDestiny #EnchantingWhispers

The Art of Broomcraft

Article from the Autumn 2022 Vintage Witch Issue.   Enchanted Living is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted.  Subscribe now and begin with our...
The Three Witches From Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1892), by Daniel Gardner Art Collection 2 : Alamy Stock Photo

Macbeth’s Three Weyward Sisters

Explore the deceptive paradoxes and fates of Macbeth's three "Weyward Sisters" in Shakespeare's Scottish play. These witches, also known as the Fates of classical myth, delightfully torment the plot with their duplicitous and sly ways, leading characters astray with their prophecies. Discover the twists and turns of the play and its gruesome threesomes as they unravel the plotline in unexpected ways.
Photography by Alex Lucas |

Interview with Csenge Virág Zalka

Feature Image Photograph by Alex Lucas | Before I met Csenge Virág Zalka in person, I knew about her from her Twitter account, @TarkabarkaHolgy,...