It can be autumn, but you still might find yourself in need of whimsy and color. You might stare at bright bouquets in stores or packets of unused seeds heaped in a corner. It is okay to buy them and cherish their beauty—especially if it is for yourself. If you find yourself in need of refreshment and petal magic, you do not need to purchase anything. Having a floral fragrant soap or lotion might give your meditation ambience, but no scents are required.


Find a comfortable position. You can stand and root your feet or lie back to walk amid an autumn forest, rich in blossoms and entrancing leaves. No position is lesser or greater. Listen to your body’s energy. Your body will guide you. Close your eyes and take a few deep, magical breaths, gathering your autumn energy, as well as your springtime reserves. You find yourself walking through a forest, dense, mottled with rocks and a narrow stream. Here you find spellbinding, near impossible flowering trees. Autumn Higan cherries greet you with their pink blossoms. You turn to them with awe. So many delicate pink petals mixed with frail leaves falling around you. You continue along the path, finding forget-me-nots, sky blue blossoms dazzling in the dappled sun. When you are overcome by crimson and amber, crunching dried bramble and dead leaves, you begin to step through the delicate white petals of creeping vervain. The carpet of flowers bewitches and ensnares as much as the vibrant foliage. Witch hazel, with its delicate sunlight petals, pops out between ochres and drifting leaves. The hillsides hold the deep purple of obedient plants and vivacious goldenrod threatens to overwhelm you with its spread. Even now, the earth is exploding with life.

Feel that autumnal energy seep into you. Let it flow into you, stronger and stronger, but still tender, never harsh. Remember wonder and awe as we ready for barren trees—store your vibrant feelings to stay renewed. Feel grateful, but long for more. Let the flowers sing to you and gift you with freshness. Know that when the snows come and there is less light, you can come here and revitalize yourself. As you continue out of the woods, take in more sustenance with each step—feeling lighter and brighter. Breathe in the musty scent of crumpled leaves mixed with soft notes of flowers. It encompasses each strand of hair, each elbow. Let the luxuriousness of autumn magic rejuvenate you. Take one last lungful of sweet, scented air and then begin the journey back. Let diverse leaves mixed with fresh petals rain on you. Gentle and glorious, you thank each petal and each magnificent leaf, feeling their gift of beauty and love. You make your way back to yourself, savoring every color, every smell, and glow with nature’s enchantment. You open your eyes and even though you are back to yourself you feel magic coursing through you. You are aglow with autumn’s springtime. a

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Kim Malinowski
Kim Malinowski earned her B.A. from West Virginia University and her MFA from American University. She studied with the Writers Studio. Her work appears in Mythic Delirium, Enchanted Conversation, Eternal Haunted Summer, and Three Drops From the Cauldron, among others. Her chapbook, Death: A Love Story was published by Flutter Press. Visit artist and photographer Courtney Brooke online at