The Everyday Magic of Nature

My introduction to nature was at my childhood home a top a mountain in West Virginia with thirty-five acres of woods to call my...

Cauldron Divination At Samhain

Samhain, known as the Witches’ New Year, is one of the most anticipated and celebrated pagan holidays. It has an energy that sets it...
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By The Light of The Moon

“The moon replenishes the earth; when she approaches it, she fills all bodies, while, when she recedes, she empties them.” —from Natural History by Pliny...
Photo by Katrin Albert

The Bohemian Magic Tradition of Connecting With Your Ancestors

Feature Image by Katrin Albert My first memory of her was seeing the flash of her blonde Marilyn Monroe curls at the top of the...

Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween | September 30th

We want to tell you about this sweet and even epic event called Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween that will be held on September 30th in a...

Our Top Five Literary Witches

Writing a list of our top five witches is surprisingly hard, but not for the reasons you might assume. It’s not that we can’t...

Dance of the Selkies

Article from the Sumer Mermaid Issue #59 Photography by The Witching Hour Photography Model Tatiana Pimentel The woman glanced in the mirror and wondered who the tired person...
Miss Wondersmith Enchanted Living Magic

Magic is Real and You Can Make It

For years I used to think magic was all just made-up fairy tales and stories our parents tell us when we’re young. I would...

The Art of Broomcraft

Article from the Autumn 2022 Vintage Witch Issue.   Enchanted Living is a quarterly print magazine that celebrates all things enchanted.  Subscribe now and begin with our...
Titania and Bottom by John Anster Fitzgerald Artepics / Alamy Stock Photo

A Captivating Fantasy Photo Shoot Inspired by Unicorns and Fairies

Titania and Bottom by John Anster Fitzgerald Artepics / Alamy Stock Photo This photo shoot was first inspired by a unicorn head. My mom was infatuated...