A Written Declaration

Start by writing a simple declaration of your intent. You’ll need a pen and paper—this can be special parchment, a page in your journal, or a scrap of paper. You can write with a pen, pencil, or a quill. Use whatever feels right for you.

Then write a letter directly to the fairies, something like, “Dear fairies, I wish to connect with you for the highest good of all beings, including you.” Write the reason or reasons you wish to connect with them. Maybe you want to manifest something in your life, or help the earth, or have other personal reasons for wanting to connect with them.

When you’ve finished writing, take your letter and hold it over your heart. Then say something like, “Fairies, please read my words, written on this paper, from my heart to yours. I wish to form a fairy friendship for the highest good of us all. I’m receptive to your inspiration, and request that you please acknowledge that I always have a choice and the free will to say no. I ask this with respect and our mutual love of the land where I now stand.”

Take the paper and gently kiss it. Then place it somewhere safe, perhaps under your pillow, beneath the bed, or in a special box of trinkets or treasures. If you feel inclined, you can also bury the paper outside in a secret place, known only to yourself and the fairies.

Visual Declarations

Another way to connect with the fae is to place visual declarations in your immediate surroundings, garden, or porch, or inside your home. I would always suggest starting outside, as you might not want fairies coming into your home at the beginning of your friendship. Things may go missing or just generally get moved around (just for fun), as they do enjoy playing and hiding things! Garden statues or figurines of gnomes, fairies, and pixies are ideal, or a simple wooden sign that reads FAIRIES WELCOME HERE.

Fairy Oracle Cards

You can also connect with fairies using oracle cards. My Oracle of the Fairies deck was created in harmony with the fairies. To work with this deck, I suggest you shuffle the cards while saying the question you wish to ask, in your mind or out loud. If you don’t have a particular question, you can just ask for a general reading or daily fairy guidance.

Once you’ve selected your card or cards, read the messages and perhaps meditate to fully understand and feel the meaning of the words and how they apply to you. The Oracle of the Fairies deck provides a very gentle and positive way of working with the fairies to bring their wisdom into your everyday life. Fairies are not only magical but can also offer practical advice too, which can be key to getting things done in the human realm!

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Karen Kay, also known as the Fairy Lady, is the author of Oracle of the Fairies, published by Hay House in October 2019 and featuring artwork by Ginger Kelly. Kay hosts the annual 3 Wishes Fairy Festival in Cornwall, England, and is editor in chief of FAE (Faeries and Enchantment) magazine, both of which celebrate all things fairy. Visit karenkay.co.uk to learn more.


  1. Fairies
    Hi Karen,

    just wondering whether during the putting together of your fairy deck
    you came across any list of fairy names and what their role is and from
    which country they are? If not, do you have any resource you can point me to.
    From the cover of your deck alone
    I cannot see whether maybe this is included.

    Thanks for any clarification.

    Many blessings and Happy New Decade!

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