Featured Image: Freyja and the Necklace (1890), by James Doyle Penrose

Seidr magic was practiced by the ancient Norse people—particularly the female sorceresses and seers. It is the type of magic that Freyja, the most renowned Norse goddess, was reputed for, and it remains a robust and respectful form of magic to this day.

Seidr involves the knowledge, manipulation, and channeling of natural energies and forces, including communication with spirits and deities. It is often associated with healing, shape-shifting, divination, prophecy, and shaping the future.

Here are a few suggestions to consider before embarking on a Seidr ritual:

• Make sure you believe that you deserve the future you want. Your sincere belief will influence your outcome.

• Word your desire to align with the flow of natural energies instead of against them. (For example, if you and a co-worker are vying for the same position, don’t perform a ritual against your co-worker. Instead, create one that focuses on magically helping them get an alternate job or one aimed at enhancing your chances of getting the job.)

• Your desire should be probable. (If, for example, you just left a job where you made $50,000 a year to start your own business, your ritual might set a $65,000 goal your first year before leaping toward a goal of $200,000. You can more easily imagine what $65,000 feels like.)

Are you ready to script the next part of your life? Here are some suggestions for how to petition Freyja and gain her support:

• Choose Friday, the day named after Freyja, to dedicate an altar space to her. Adorn it with symbols and items representing her, such as daisies, amber, and images of cats or falcons. Burn rose, jasmine, amber, or vanilla incense to set the sacred atmosphere.

• Offer Freyja fresh flowers, honey, mead, or sweets. Call or sing her name, and light nine gold, red, pink, or white candles.

• You can also offer her handmade crafts, poetry, or artwork as a personal expression of devotion.

• Enter a meditative state through drumming or chanting while staying conscious of your breath.

• Visualize yourself and Freyja’s presence. Breathe in her energy.

• Express your desires aloud, then wait for her guidance and wisdom. Allow her to inspire and empower you.

• Ask for a sign from her that your request has been heard. Common signs include cats, feathers, and daisies. Remember that these signs may cross your path in different ways, in their natural form or, for example, as an image on a T-shirt, or in piece of art, or on a billboard.

• Let Freyja inspire you all next year.


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