Jack-o’-Lantern Magic

Uncover the fascinating history of jack-o’-lanterns, from their Irish origins to modern-day Halloween traditions. Learn how they hold a special place in the world of witches.
Mexican-American brujería traditions - A captivating blend of ancestral wisdom, magic, and resilience.

The Postcolonial Brujería of My Family

Explore the enchanting world of postcolonial brujería - a Mexican-American tradition of ancestral magic and resilience. Discover soul healing, curanderas, and the power of interconnectedness. Embrace the magic that transcends generations.

Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween | September 30th

We want to tell you about this sweet and even epic event called Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween that will be held on September 30th in a...

Animals And Plants To Bring Inside Now For Good Fortune

• Spiders: Encourage your friendly household spiders. They bring good luck—and sometimes money. According to French tradition, spiders seen in the afternoon are harbingers...
Photographer/Creative Director: Natasha Wilson @natashawilson.co Models: Seema Hari @seemahari, Maia Saavedra @maiasaavedra_photo, Four @4likefour, Mack @mackandgold, Jetta Juriansz @shmetta Gowns: Michelle Hebért @michellehebertofficial

Around the Fire We Are All Witches

Embrace the enchanting magic of summer through the warmth of barbecues, the mystique of bonfires, and the wonder of stargazing. Discover the ancient rituals that connect us to nature's rhythms and ignite our own inner fire.

The Making of a Hydrangea Witch

PHOTOGRAPHY BY SABRINA L. GREENE Photographer Sabrina L. Greene was driving by her local dentist’s office in Waynesville, North Carolina, late last summer when she...
The Mermaid (1896), by Edvard Munch

Missive From A Sea Witch

Join the captivating tale of a sea creature's love and transformation, as she imparts enchanting sea magic. Discover the power of water and its connection to our emotions and stories. Dive into this heartfelt journey of longing, reflection, and the relentless beauty of the ocean
Titania and Bottom by John Anster Fitzgerald Artepics / Alamy Stock Photo

A Captivating Fantasy Photo Shoot Inspired by Unicorns and Fairies

Titania and Bottom by John Anster Fitzgerald Artepics / Alamy Stock Photo This photo shoot was first inspired by a unicorn head. My mom was infatuated...

Unleashing Your Inner Love Witch: Harnessing the Power of Summer

If your eyes are reading these words, this was meant for you. Take my hands, breathe in the fragrant blooms of the summertime air,...

A Summer Night’s Rite Under the Flower Crown

PHOTOGRAPHY BY JULIE FLORO @julie_floro Dress Designer: Mariah Lynn Designs @mariahlynndesigns Florals/Crowns/Table Styling: Dark Horse Botanical @darkhorsebotanical Models: Brittany Ann @brittanyann_pa_ Pilisa Mackey @cutiepiepichan Veronika Lutsenko @_veronika.lutsenko_ Katie Eigenbrod @statefossil Tessa Wilder @summerloveletters "Do you always...