We wanted to share some announcements from The Magickal Path School of Witchcraft, Tarot & Personal Transformation, where you can build on this gorgeous witchly journey we’ve been taking together with courses that will hep you become an even more skilled (and glamorous) witch and/or tarot reader. You can read all about it at https://themagickalpath.com and below:

Fiona Duncan, creatrix and proprietress of The Magickal Path School, is a double-mastered professional educator and practicing witch with more than 30 years of witchy experience under her belt (or pointy black hat as the case may be). She is devoted to every student who enrolls at The Magickal Path, and is personally there for them via email or video chat for any reason. At The Magickal Path, courses are “real,” meaning they are professionally developed and academically structured, and are presented through an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly online classroom portal in both 1-1 coaching and independent study course options. The instructors at The Magickal Path are longtime practicing witches, experts in their metaphysical fields, and have substantial experience as professional educators, too!

This witchy season, Fiona is offering her life-changing, comprehensive WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101 “Year and a Day” Course & Coaching Program in the Spiritual, Magickal and Esoteric Practices of Eclectic Witchcraft at a special “season of the witch” discounted rate, which you can access upon enrollment here https://themagickalpath.com/witchcraft-101. Through WAY OF THE WITCH: Witchcraft 101, you will step into your magickal and spiritual power through crafting a unique witchcraft practice that serves your highest good. You will learn TONS in this program, and will be busy applying what you learn through the many practices and projects in the program. Fiona offers this must-have program for new to intermediate witches in a 1-1 Coaching format through which students work directly with her. Or, for those who prefer to fly their broom solo, she also offers WAY OF THE WITCH in a Supported Independent Study course format. Claim your discount now!

Fiona is also excited about The Magickal Path’s new Tarot Reading Proficiency Diploma Program, offered in both a live online format, and independent study video courses. In these amazingly easy to understand yet incredibly comprehensive tarot courses (Tarot 101-501 + 1-1 Diploma Practicum with tarot teacher Rhonda Alin), you will learn how to interpret the tarot easily, intuitively and accurately, for yourself and for others. You can take any stand-alone tarot course you like, or bring your tarot practice to the next level by signing up for the full diploma program. Fiona is offering several discount offers for both the video and the live courses on the website. Check them out now! https://themagickalpath.com/ live-online-tarot-series

Fiona is also offering special discounts on ENCHANTED INCANTATIONS: The Magick of Words in Ritual and Spellcasting, taught by Robin Gow (whose work you’ll also see in our winter issue!). Robin is a witch, published poet & author, and former professor of English and poetry at Adelphi University. Robin’s course is a real, academic, beginner’s level course in poetry and magick through which you will learn how to weave the ancient magick of words and poetry into your spells, rituals and offerings. Work with Robin and learn how to transform your everyday, pedestrian spell intentions into power-infused enchanted poems and incantations that will not only bring your magickal skills and witchcraft practice to the next level, it will make casting spells the wildly exciting and mystical experience you always hoped it would be! Robin offers his course as both a 1-1 Coaching and an Independent Study course with optional email correspondence. Signup now for special ‘season of the witch’ discounts on the website! Get all the details here https://themagickalpath.com/enchanted-incantations-magick-course

There’s even more to explore at The Magickal Path, where you can find the witchcraft topic that’s right for you! www.TheMagickalPath.com

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