If your eyes are reading these words, this was meant for you. Take my hands, breathe in the fragrant blooms of the summertime air, feel the sweet sun warming your skin, and wriggle your bare feet as they touch the lush earth. If you have arrived here at this moment, I was meant to deliver a message to you. Are you ready to receive it?

You, my enchanted darling, have your very own unique charms within you. Without question, your magick has always been there and it belongs to you.

When you and I are here together in these moments, and when we do rituals or spells together, when we journey together side by side each season, my greatest hope is that you remember the magick within you. It lives there in your bones, in the story of your being, through the whispers of your ancestors and through former lifetimes. Your very being is a secret enchanted library, and when you work the old rituals or magick spells, the stories of your soul will open.

Let’s envision the two of us soaring through the air on our brooms, side by side. Imagine that we have a greater perspective about our world and our lives from looking at everything from above.

What do you want to create in your beautiful world? What dreams do you wish to manifest? What are you passionate about that you want to bring more of into your life? You can tap into the radiant daydream powers of summer to create your own world. Hang onto your broomstick, because we’ve got some world building to do!

Our summer witch initiation is inviting in your very own inner Love Witch! When you take the time to honor who you are, you cast a love spell on your own beautiful self, and when you are living in that life-affirming, juicy, abundant state, you will automatically cast a spell on the world around you and magnetize the very best things that are meant for you.

The enchantment of summer is that the world is abundant and teeming with life. Fireflies are flickering their night symphony of light over fields of wildflowers. The music of crickets chirping moves hypnotically through the warm summer night air. The leaves dance green and vibrant on the branching arms of the trees. Flowers bloom and bubbling rivers curve through lush beds of moss.

Here’s a vital and vibrant tip about harnessing the radiant power of summer: Engage in the power of world building. What does that mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! Witches are world builders, and that means that we envision what we would like to manifest and then we craft spells and take action to turn those dreams into our reality. Why is summer such an ideal time for this world-building practice? Well, when we were little, do you remember how much we would adventure and daydream in our summer months off from school? We can tap into that memory in the core of us and harness it to charm those daydreams into our real lives!

Let me introduce you to three very important aspects of the process of witchy world building:


Just like Stevie Nicks sings about her crystal visions, we all need to honor our inner Love Witch by allowing time for summer daydreaming and play to tap into a deep magickal energy within us. Don’t have any time for play or daydreams? I’m guessing your time spent on social media will say otherwise! Dip into actively building and creating your own real life story instead of endlessly scrolling through other people’s stories. You must honor your own self, your story, your time, and your magick. Dedicate between a half hour and an hour a day—and make it non-negotiable—to journaling, to lighting your candle, to singing, to staring at the clouds, and to thinking about what you really want to create in your life. Let your imagination wander. Daydreams can be a powerful indicator of the life you want to build.


Engage in wonder! Call in your inner child to come and help you. Open your eyes to all the beautiful things surrounding you right now in this very moment. The news media and outside forces have trained us to focus on the fear and the negative. When you shift your focus to the gifts, the good things, and
the joys, it magnifies those things to you. You can muster your deepest and wildest Love Witch energies when you look at the world around you with heart-shaped glasses! Remember, your passion is your power!


Honor your magick by setting aside time for a ritual with intention (we will do one together below) and take action on this world you want to build. Let others know about what you desire, because you never know when someone could help you. Take daily actions to bring in the love of friendship, of doing what you love, of community, of your sacred practice, and of romantic love and watch your world bloom like the lush days of summer!


Here’s what you need:

For your brew:

A cauldron (any size) or heat-safe bowl
A charcoal tablet for incense
A lighter
1 teaspoon (my Grandma Helen referred to teaspoons
as a “pinch”) copal resin
1 teaspoon dried rose petals
1 teaspoon orange peels
1 teaspoon lavender
1 teaspoon mugwort

Note: If it is hard to purchase herbs where you live, you can substitute a yellow or orange candle for the brew.

For the Ritual:
Grapefruit oil
4 fresh red roses
A special ring or necklace that you can charge with intention
A plate (I love using an antique plate with roses decorating
the edge that I found in a thrift store)
A white outfit (anything that you feel good in—I personally love old vintage slips)


Time: You will perform this spell between the new moon to the full moon of June, July, or August in the prime summertime months.

Place: If the weather permits and you can safely do this spell outside, go for it! If not, you can do this spell indoors. If possible, do this spell near an open window so you can connect with the outside world.

Dress: Adorn yourself in white and take your shoes off so you can have your bare feet on the ground.

Setup: Put the cauldron or heat-proof bowl in the center. Place one charcoal tablet inside the cauldron. Place the herbs and copal resin between you and the cauldron. Place the grapefruit oil to your right side. Place your ring or piece of jewelry that you wish to charge with the creative, passionate energy of summer directly in front of you. Place the four red roses to your left.

To Begin: Take the charcoal tablet out of the cauldron and hold the lighter underneath it until it starts to spark, then drop it in the cauldron or fire-proof bowl. If the charcoal tablet is lit, you should see smoke coming out of the cauldron.

Take the petals of one rose and scatter them upon the plate in front of you. Gently place your adornment object (ring or jewelry) onto the rose petals of the plate. This charges your adornment object with the love vibrance of rose petals.

Say this incantation while you place the copal, lavender, rose, orange peels, and mugwort into the cauldron:

A pinch of copal to stir up my supernatural powers,
With a dash of tranquility from lavender flowers.
Scatter petals of rose as a foundation of love,
Orange peels for joy and the summer sun above.
Mugwort for the dreamtime and magick moonlight,
I claim myself a Love Witch in this sacred rite.

Take your adornment object from the plate of rose petals. Hold it over the delicious smoke brewing from the cauldron. If you’re working with an orange or yellow candle as a substitute, you can hold the adornment object inches above the flame.

I charge my adornment with passion and fire,
I create the beautiful world that I desire.
Over the spiraling smoke, my talisman I hold
To charm, to empower, beloved and bold.
I stir up my passion and call love that is mine,
I adorn myself to sanctify my own divine.

Place your adornment on you.

Take the grapefruit oil and rub it into your palms. This is a Romani-Czech tradition of bringing sunshine to the story of your life. My ancestors were palm readers, and they believed that our life stories are held in the lines of our palms. Therefore when you anoint your palms with grapefruit oil (or oil from any citrus fruit that grows in the sun, like orange, lemon, or lime), it brings the sunshine into the lines of your life. This indicates a new beginning of growth, happiness, joy, and love.

Stand tall and take the petals from two of the roses and hold them in your palms by your heart. Imagine that at the bottoms of your feet, you are growing strong roots deep in the ground. The earth is nourishing you and making you strong. As you feel the energy of the earth moving through your body from your feet to your head, slowly lift the rose petals in your cupped hands skyward like an offering.

From the deep roots of a tree to the stars up above,
Anointed with grapefruit and two roses of love,
I lift the veil for all to see.
Eternal love resides within me.

Hold the rose petals right over the crown of your head now and shower yourself with them. Take this divine moment to feel the petals falling on your head, down your face, and all around your body. When you are done, gather the petals and tape some into your magickal grimoire with this spell. Take a few others to sleep on tonight (like the Love Witch you are!), and put some petals in your underwear. This will help remind you what a goddess you are, and when you take off your clothes at night there will be another rose-petal shower! This is truly honoring your divine self.

Take the last remaining rose and hand it to a stranger you pass during your day, who you have a gut feeling needs that beautiful gift at that moment. Allow the beauty of love to multiply!

Happy summer, Love Witch!


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