Odysseus and Scylla by Annie Stegg

The Fantastic Worlds of Annie Stegg

We could not help but notice that one of our favorite artists, Annie Stegg, whose work we’ve featured numerous times on these pages as well as on our social media, seems to have a...

Glowwood Oracle Card Deck By Lisa Biletska + Interview

We wanted to tell you about Glowwood, a brand-new oracle card deck and companion book rooted in ecology created by Ukrainian-American artist and writer Lisa Biletska. Five years in the making, Glowwood is truly the consequence...

Lost Lands Collection

Feature Image:  Model: Jackie Wyers Wardrobe and styling: Fiori Couture Hair and makeup: Jackie Wyers Best friends and photography and styling duo Jade Soto and Marianne Bell celebrate fairy tales—and the romance and folklore of fairies—with these lush,...

The Legacy of Black Fae Day

Photo by CoreElements Photography Without Black Fae Day (@blackfaedayofficial on Instagram), there would be no Enchanted Asian Day (@enchantedasianday on Instagram). It was the efforts of Black Fae Day to showcase the incredible works of...
Lillian Liu_ Sea Fae

Photography by Lillian Liu

These images showcase the range of Asian inspirations. The first features mermaids and fairies blended with some visual references to Taoist deities. The self-portrait “Hallowed Deer” (opposite) presents a Chinese historical-fantasy look inspired by...

Photography by Bella Kotak

The inspiration for this shoot came about organically. Along with Lillian and Yinsey, I have a passion for introducing and celebrating diversity in the enchanted space. In our magical lands, there are no borders,...
MY RENAISSANCE Dress: Rose Savage @rosesavagebridal Crown: Carbickova Crowns @carbickovacrowns

Photography by Yinsey Wang

“The world of self-portraiture helped me envision myself in completely new ways, incorporating myth and fairy-tale aesthetics and a chance to assert my belonging in this space. As a full-time lawyer, it is absolutely...
“The Moon” from the Divine Feminine Tarot by Corina Nika. www.cocorrina.com

Dark Moon Decadence

Feature Image: “The Moon” from the Divine Feminine Tarot by Corina Nika. www.cocorrina.com You can tell a new tale from an old one by the lack of pause, the lack of a sacred taking in...

Embracing Your Shadow

PHOTOGRAPHY BY STEVE PARKE   Many of us try to avoid our dark side completely, but the truth is our light would not exist without our darkness. Even the most spiritually advanced of us experiences anger,...
Madonna (1895–1902), by Edvard Munch

The Eternal Feminine of The Damned

Imagine this: A nubile dancer named Salome struts before a lustful king. She wields her bejeweled half-dressed body like a weapon. Her desire? To gain the head of John the Baptist, which floats before...