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Homemade Trap

Enchanted Living: Can you tell us when and why you began making embroidered insects and fungi? Emily Yeadon: My work is heavily influenced by a particular museum that I discovered at the age of eleven...
Martin Podt Forest

Into The Forest

We asked a few of our favorite forest photographers to tell us about some of their most enchanted woodland images. Garett Mensching I discovered this tree while walking on a misty, rainy, but deeply inspiring afternoon...
Enchanted Living Magazine, Photographer/Costumes: Carri Angel Photography Second Photographer: Ange Harper Models: Ian Hencher, Sorcha Verey, The Druidess Of Midian Headdress: Under the Ivy

A Forest Fable

Photography by CARRI ANGEL PHOTOGRAPHY and ANGE HARPER When model and artist (and elf) Ian Hencher learned that we were doing a forest-themed issue, he knew he wanted to collaborate with a team that could “connect with...

Elves Mirkwood Forest

"I still remember the first time I saw The Lord of the Rings in the cinema,” says Portuguese photographer Ana Isabel de Fontes Correia. “I had not yet read the books back then, but...

Woodland Wonderment: The Enchantment of Ellen Tyn

She strikes an elf-like and enchanting figure on her Instagram, her riotous fluffy mass of sun-blond hair flying behind her as she runs through the sunlit trees, sits by ponds playing a tin flute,...

My Personal Fairy

We’d been fans of Magaela Accessories for a while—the nature-inspired flower crowns, the beaded floral decorations that drape over a bare arm, the floral barrettes and combs and belts and jewelry, even the dog...

Storybook Couture

French designer Sylvie Facon takes fairy-tale couture to a new level with her intricate, otherworldly, and seemingly impossible gowns that are themselves storybooks. You might have seen her Arras dress (featured image above) that...
Wendy Addison Enchanted Living Magazine Faerie Magazine Grace Nuth

Theatre of Dreams: Wendy Addison’s Ephemera Art

It all started with a fairy, or so it seems to Wendy Addison. In a small garage behind her house twenty years ago, she started to use her skills as a self-taught artist, paper...

Imagine Cordwood

Imagine a building style that encourages creativity and whimsy yet manages to be energy efficient and code compliant. If this combination appeals to you, then you should get acquainted with cordwood construction. Cordwood uses...
The world belongs to us

Asako Iwasawa’s Nocturnal Imaginings

Japanese artist Asako Iwasawa’s work depicts nighttime gardens and plants that seem more fairy tale-generated than stemming from earth and soil. “What do plants dream of ?” is the title of one of her pieces,...