We want to tell you about artist Mary Ann Hess and her Semita Vitiae Tarot deck, the product of her decades-long spiritual and life journey. It’s based loosely on traditional decks, with the usual 78 cards with five bonus cards included. She created the deck after being inspired by her love of the stories told through personal readings and the questions they raised.

And here’s a bit more about Mary Ann’s process:

I would photograph people who I found interesting or who were important to me.  My daughter is The Empress. Co-workers are the Heirophant, King of Swords and Ten of Pentacles. Three of my grandchildren, my husband, various pets and I are in the deck. People who I knew that were significant to me in some way. Then I would play with the pictures in Photoshop and other programs, combining them with photos taken on hikes and vacations until I thought I had something worthwhile.  At some point, cards may become an oil painting or watercolor.  

Here she is painting a version of the Justice card:

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