Make a Broom – Fly Over The Moon

Want to try your hand at making one of Baker’s brooms? Here’s how to get started. Master broomsquire Charlotte Baker of Nightshade Handmade says, “I primarily use broomcorn, which is the seed tassel of a...

Make A Harvest Besom

For this project you will need: • A large dowel rod about 1 inch in diameter, 2 feet in length • A spool of 18-gauge nylon twine • A stick sturdy enough to be your besom handle,...

Burn Your Village: Kiki Rockwell Unleashes the Power in the Sequel to ‘Same Old...

Our autumn 2022 Vintage Witch issue was suffused with a badass, ultra-powerful witchy vibe in no small part because of Val Gleason’s striking cover shoot, which was directly inspired by Kiki Rockwell’s “Same Old...
Vintage illustration: The Witch (1924), by Lionel Lindsay

Felis Silvestris Catus

Experience the enchanting world of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) where scents conjure myriad dimensions. Dive into the alluring scents inspired by classic paintings of domestic cats in this captivating collection.
Jamie Spinello's nature-inspired jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, and paintings

Enchantment with Nature: Exploring Jamie Spinello’s Artistic World

Artist, Jamie Spinello, finds enchantment in nature, gardens, and lunar cycles. Explore her jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, and paintings inspired by plants and insects. Stay connected to her world of enchantment in Austin, Texas.
Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

The Enchanting Art of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Fairyland is everywhere, so why not Australia? I still remember walking into a bookstore in San Francisco and finding a large clothbound volume called simply Fairyland, by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (1888–1960). Inside were the...

Semita Vitiae Tarot Deck by Artist Mary Ann Hess

We want to tell you about artist Mary Ann Hess and her Semita Vitiae Tarot deck, the product of her decades-long spiritual and life journey. It's based loosely on traditional decks, with the usual 78...
Celestial Pablum (1958), by Remedios Varo

The Caged Moon

Feature Image: Celestial Pablum (1958), by Remedios Varo If you plan to travel to Mexico City, you will likely be cautioned, both by the internet and well-intentioned people, about the many perils of that metropolis. They...

The Making of a Hydrangea Witch

PHOTOGRAPHY BY SABRINA L. GREENE Photographer Sabrina L. Greene was driving by her local dentist’s office in Waynesville, North Carolina, late last summer when she was struck by the beauty of the massive strawberry vanilla...

Witchy Enamel Pins by The Pickety Witch

Discover the enchanting world of The Pickety Witch and her whimsical creations. Immerse yourself in sweet, witchy designs featuring baby goats on broomsticks, bewitching witch boots adorned with mushrooms and flora, and charming witch hats embellished with sunflowers, peonies, pumpkins, apples, and leaves. Delight in a myriad of delightful creatures such as jack-o’-lantern teapots, autumnal headdress-wearing ravens, garden hat-clad kitties, starlit fawns, owls, and rabbits. But that's not all - add a touch of witchiness to your ensemble with cute enamel pins and explore an array of T-shirts, plushies, poppets, and other goodies conjured by the talented lady witch herself, Rachel, from her lair in North Carolina. Embrace the "spooky cute" designs that blend adorable baby goats and kittens with the mystique of occultism and folklore. Join us in an interview with Rachel, where she shares her journey as an artist, practicing witch, and animal lover, and how her love for goats, nature, and the occult inspired The Pickety Witch. Unveil the magic that being a witch holds for her, celebrating the old ways, nature, and individual empowerment through her delightful creations.