Stephanie Young - Calmwater 1

CalmWater: Ceramics That Soothe Like a Still Sea

Spend some time gazing at one of New Hampshire artist Stephanie Young’s stunning ceramic pieces—most are delicate, elegant vases with sensuous curves that beg to be stroked—and you might feel the tension begin to...
01-Rachel Lauren-Ohio School of Falconry

Bonding with Birds at the Ohio School of Falconry

One likely reason owls love us so much is because senior editor Grace Nuth spends much of her spare time cozying up to them, when she's not interviewing Toby Froud about Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance or talking to Gibbous Fashions about...
Serpents and Sorceresses—a decadent assortment of antique Art Nouveau brooches and buttons, including interlaced serpents accented with shimmering garnets and marcasite, a fluttering of bats, plus the witchy women who are perfectly content to share their time with either (and perhaps be convinced to tell your fortune while doing so).

Art Nouveau by Moonlight

As the dawn of a new century approached and cityscapes became grayer, smokier, and increasingly mechanized, a group of artists found themselves yearning for something more organic, compelled to bring a sense of romance...
Photography: Marketa Novak Model: Hana Vágnerová Gown: PONER Mua: Lenka Odehnalová

Prague’s Obecní Dům

"This photo shoot in Prague’s Obecní Dům (Municipal House) was a dream come true for me. I never thought that I would experience such a thing. I wish every person the opportunity to explore...
Sven Fennema and Helena Aguilar Mayans Photography Enchanted Living Magazine

The Beauty of Yesteryear

The curving, distinctive lines of Art Nouveau buildings retain their glamour even when caked with dust or overgrown with vegetation. In fact, it might be even more fitting to witness an Art Nouveau creation...
Aesthetic Harmony- The Art of Yoann Lossel and Psyché Ophiuchus Enchanted Living Magazine

Aesthetic Harmony: The Art of Yoann Lossel and Psyché Ophiuchus

Psyché Ophiuchus and Yoann Lossel both believe that all of life is art, a philosophy shared by many artists of the Art Nouveau era, whose work defined an aesthetic across such varied media as...
© Luc Schuiten - architecte

Solarpunk’s Brave and Beautiful New World

It’s an answer, a rallying cry even, to a planet in peril. A relatively new literary and artistic movement born out of speculative fiction, solarpunk is sci-fi on ecstasy, more utopian rather than dystopian,...
Game Of Thrones by Mona Fuchs Art Nouveau Faerie Magazine Enchanted Living Magazine

Enchanting Interview with Artist Mona Fuchs

  In Art Nouveau news, we've recently fallen for the stunning work of German artist Mona Fuchs, whom you can find on Instagram at (and order prints from at, because of her Art Nouveau renderings...

Interview with Artist Lisa Azzano

Speaking of fairies and winged creatures generally, we wanted to introduce you to artist Lisa Azzano this week, and share some of her luminous art. Look at this fairy: When did you start sculpting angels and...

Crescent Manor

Article From 2016 Winter Issue #37 Subscribe // Print // Digital All Crescent Manor photos ©Roniit Estonian singer Kerli is a fabricator, a maker of material reality: not just of the vibrations of sound but also of space. Obsessed with creating...