Featured Artist: Adam Oehlers

British artist Adam Oehlers has been drawing for as long as he can remember and has always been attracted to themes rooted in nature and magic. “It’s a soft kind of magic I like...
Enchanted Living Magazine Photography by Michaela Durisova Model: Kristína Szegenyová Accessories: Magaela Accessories

A Book of Things Received

Photography by Michaela Durisova Model: Kristína Szegenyová Accessories: Magaela Accessories The old woman handed her young apprentice a book of soft leather with tattered pages scented of lavender and then motioned for her to follow into the...

How To Be A Modern Romantic

Photography by KATERINA PLOTNIKOVA Model NORMILA Who doesn’t want to be romantic? But I don’t mean romantic with a small r. I mean capital R Romantic, like the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, who was discovered...


A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY BY HELENA AGUILAR MAYANS     "Sehnsucht” is a German noun, hard to translate into other languages. It could be translated as nostalgia, longing, yearning, desire ... or the yearning for an unknown or...

Dorthy Wordsworth – Genus Loci

I like to imagine her in the early 1800s, lacing up sturdy leather boots and putting on a hat—not the frilly house bonnet of her late-in-life portrait but a proper hat to shed rain...

Twelve Things You Might Find Inside A Modern Romantic’s Knapsack

Illustration by Guinevere von Sneeden • First, the knapsack itself will be sturdy and large, made of worn leather or canvas. Perhaps it is a tapestry bag with a design of trees and leaves on...
Artist Kelly Louise Judd - Flora and Fauna

Where the Wild Things Are

Kelly Louise Judd is just as mysterious as her fantastical work and, one might reasonably suspect, similarly eccentric. She’s hard to track down, like one of the many felines—leaping or sleeping, sitting or slinking—that...

Featured Artist: Leila + Olive

Nicole Rallis is an artist and gardener from New York City, “a place where every bit of green stands in stark, beautiful relief to concrete backgrounds.” Her love of illustration and plants forms the...

Featured Artist: White Witch Parlour

Jenna Caprice started the White Witch Parlour seven years ago, after leaving city life behind and moving into the mountains of Southern California with her husband to “be with nature as much as possible.”...
Orley Anderson

I Do Believe In Faires

Orley Anderson—in her own words, a “mother, creative stylist, and lover of glitter”—conceived of these astonishing images after deciding she “wanted there to be a POC fairy for little girls to be able to...