Our autumn 2022 Vintage Witch issue was suffused with a badass, ultra-powerful witchy vibe in no small part because of Val Gleason’s striking cover shoot, which was directly inspired by Kiki Rockwell’s “Same Old Energy.” If you don’t know the song or video, please go search them out immediately. Now Rockwell has come out with a sequel, “Burn Your Village,” which we’d also implore you to seek out. In the meantime, here are a couple of video stills as well as some words from Rockwell about her expanding vision and some wild dancing in the woods:

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of creating a “sequel” song and music video. We created such a rich universe with “Same Old Energy,” one very much inspired by real historic events. Director Oshara Ardelean and I knew I couldn’t just leave the story hanging …

The end of the “Same Old Energy” music video sees our pilgrim girls get busted for throwing a midnight heathen fire party and being swallowed up by two, big closing church doors. “Burn Your Village” is the big sister to “Same Old Energy.” She’s seen some things, learned some lessons, and grown her adult teeth.

This is the song where the women of the village have finally snapped, and they decide to take matters into their own hands.

It was such a whirlwind to film, and I am so grateful for all my friends and my old neighbor Steve, who returned for the sequel. The end scene in the woods was particularly fun to film. I just put on a dance playlist and told everyone to let go and dance as wild as they wanted. I was so impressed with everyone. The energy on set was incredible, and no one hesitated to take it all the way.

Follow Kiki Rockwell on Instagram @kikibabyrockwell. Watch “Burn Your Village” on Youtube and listen on Spotify/Apple music.


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