We hope you’re having a gorgeous Wednesday! We wanted to make your afternoon slightly more gorgeous with this sweet missive from our friend Sherry L. Ross.


From Sherry:

I’d like to wish everyone a soul-satisfying spring. I know I’m especially in need of this transition, during a time of so much turbulence. Spring gives us reassurance; a sense of consistency. We understand it to be a symbol of renewal and hope. And at its apex, it offers so much beauty and life-affirming energy. We can immerse ourselves in the world of nature, in the world of Fae and feel a part of the magic. We need to look forward, and the beauty and regenerative qualities of springtime help us to do so.

Poetry, too, can offers us these things: reassurance that we are not alone, empathy, beauty and the fanciful. It’s a very verbally condensed form of art, and it can touch us in meaningful and unexpected ways, surprising us and giving us just what we need at the right moment.

Enchanted Living does all these things for me as well. It is rich and condensed like poetry. It’s the most beautiful magazine in the world. I look forward to each issue; to dipping into both its earthly and soul-nourishing delights for replenishment. I’m eagerly anticipating the spring issue.

I hope that my poetry can offer you these same benefits. In this newsletter, I’d like to share a few of my poems from my newest collection, FALLING THROUGH TIME, which was released just before the holidays.

The easiest way to explain the collection is to say it’s about time and consciousness.

It is a composite of a small amount of consciousness: mine, me falling through my time here on earth. But it is also about being human, what we remember, how we remember, what we have imagined and what we still dream for. So these personal moments and memories are about themes that matter to us all.

I’ve organized the book into three sections: RELATIVE TIME, mostly autobiographical, as much as we can ever be; STORY TIME, embellished memories and pure fiction; COSMIC TIME, spiritual inquiries and moments of awareness.

The first poem I’m sharing here is called “A Gardener in Her Garden” and it’s from the section Relative Time. The next two poems, “Three Faerie Signs” (haikus) and “Philosophical Owl in the Apple Orchard,” are from Story Time. The final poem, “Tomorrow’s Mountain,” a sonnet, is found in the section Cosmic Time. I so hope you like them.

A Gardener in Her Garden
In the rain the garden grows
a deeper green – the leaves varnished,
shining, primroses phosphorescent in
pinks and reds and an orange that startles.
I imagine a stone path running back
toward the woods to a gentle flowing fountain,
the gurgle and the sunlight catching something
glinting and living in the water.
This is next year’s project, perhaps? The
imagining of a garden is as rich as any tale.
The allium are late and rise monstrous
out of the boarder like giant dandelion puffs
gone haywire and purple with mutation.
I’ve always felt a garden should disturb
us just a bit – a dense peacefulness with
unexpected shocks of shape and color
around the bend, surprises, pleasant but
unnerving, safe, but full of potent magic.

Three Faerie Signs in Haiku

Strands of broken pearls,
seeds scattered across the moss:
Queen of Fae was here.

The Hawthorn hedge pricks.
No mortal may climb this wall –
a dark Ælven curse.

Here by the far gate
beyond the last lantern light
a Faerie portal.

A Philosophical Owl in the Apple Orchard

“Looking down I
see the apple orchard –
the twisted branches are
reassuring wombs,
lovely limbs of shelter where
I may spend the night.

I glance across
my length of wing and
confirm the full good moon
in its proper station
off to the right
lighting the trees below.

Lately I must keep
to the center of the
known world for this
orchard is pressed upon by
galaxies and cosmic dust.

Hush, enough – I spot a mouse.”

I hope these poems brought you pleasure, a few surprises, and a pinch of inspiration. I’m also happy to share a few brand new endorsements:

Falling Through Time was a breathtaking read. I fully intended to read one poem a day to lift my spirits, but ended up being so captivated, I couldn’t stop. – Jessica Cantwell: author of The Realm series.

Falling Through Time is a medley of poetry in a cappella– ranging from poignant to fanciful– Ross hits every note. – Nanette Kreitzman: author of Prism and Grim Secrets.

Falling Through Time is a delightful and thoughtful collection of poetry that reflects on time– its impact on us, our journey through it and the many facets of time itself. Beautifully written, the personality of the poet shines through her words. –  Julia Blake: poet and author of 13 books including Black Ice, a steampunk retelling of Snow White.

Ross has an exquisite way with words, and I dare anyone to read this book and not come away with a sense of having their heart and soul nourished. –  Julie Embleton: author of the Turning Moon and Voyager Chronicles series.

I’d also like to share my two videos about the book with you. One is a mini-documentary and the other is a beautiful video trailer. The actress did a lovely job of reciting one of the poems “Cosmic Tour.” I did the voice overlay for the documentary and my daughter, who does videos professionally, made the mini-documentary. The video trailer was created by platformhousepublishing.com.

Both videos can be found on my Falling Through Time Amazon page. Just scroll to find. https://www.amazon.com/Falling-Through-Time-Sherry-Ross-ebook/dp/B09KNYK4V2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=sherry+l+ross&qid=1638140449&qsid=141-7152932-3331315&sr=8-

You can also visit my YouTube channel at

It was wonderful sharing with you. I hope we all can find rejuvenation this spring, hopefulness and renewal.

With love,

Sherry L. Ross 1
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