For me it’s about plunging fully and freely into your favorite indulgences. Allowing yourself to luxuriate in that which brings pleasure, a pleasure that feels like an extravagance. It’s throwing moderation out the window and letting your fingertips slowly glide over silken velvet, deeply breathing in the heady perfume of a flower that blooms triumphantly before dying, feeling with every cell the ebb and flow of ocean waves washing over you. Decadence is savoring a luxury, whether that be for a lifetime or even just a moment where any troubles and limitations of the world gently fade away while you dance in the shadows, swooning to the intoxicating strains of an ancient melody.

Lounging in my favorite green velvet smoking jacket, listening to Carmina Burana while drinking absinthe and being hand-fed strawberries dipped in a dark chocolate fountain by a veiled belly dancer. I could go on, but I’m in danger of oversharing.
—Sean Von Frankenstein

Succumbing to and embracing an over-the-top indulgence. Chocolate, wine, mind-blowing love, desserts, rich and delicious foods, luxurious baths, I could go on but I think you get the point …
—Holly Reanne

The wafting scent of roses, rich dark chocolates, and a glass of silky red wine wrapped in rich velvet kisses. —Ambika Devi

While associated with luxury, decadence is more about the simple things for me: It’s being cozy in a soft blanket on a cold night, the warm fuzzy feeling you get when around loved ones, a soft kiss with someone you’re falling for, the smell of a hearty home-cooked meal or a delicious dessert. —@simplyshelbs16

For me it’s letters, cable phone, an elegant glass used only for juice. Everything ends, everything dies. The memory of the past times is a beautiful feeling with a shade of sadness on the end of my tongue. —@magiaziemi

Decadence for touch is soft linen sheets and a cozy quilt on a snowy night. Decadence for scent is an herb garden and old-fashioned roses. Decadence for sight is a Van Gogh painting. Decadence for sound is the wind in the waves on a January day with an undertone of cello music (preferably Zoë Keating). Decadence for taste is layers of chocolate with fresh raspberries and vanilla whipped cream. I live simply but decadently. I splurged on the linen sheets. Usually my cat shares them with me. He’s a bit spoiled. —@greenmoonmonda

A glass of wine with lunch.

A good makeup job, a fabulous outfit, and some fun jewelry. —@miss_plagued

It’s opening that bottle of chilled champagne you’ve been saving for a special occasion, pouring it into a crystal flute, taking some just-popped popcorn with butter and parm, and watching your favorite movie. It’s all about what makes your senses purr.

An extra helping, extra time to sleep in, spending more money on something that makes my heart flutter, or simply an escape to a place I normally can’t afford or have the time to visit. Indulgence. —Kristin Reimer

The complete immersion in beauty. —Sue Ellen Armstrong

Immersing yourself completely in something that brings you joy but is not needed at all to survive. —Robin Bamburg

For me it’s bittersweet. It’s that luxury, splendor, and glamour that you know is doomed. The last dinner on the Titanic. The last days of a glorious Roman empire. The last vivacious outburst of crimson red on a tree before the leaves inevitably have to fall. —

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