This collection of poetry is about time and consciousness. In one way, time is merely a human construct that does not exist except as we have imagined it, so that we can function in our daily lives. In another way, time is omnipresent, a super-reality, existing and permeating everything. It weaves in between the vastness of space and in between the vast spaces of our minds and it makes us a whole: the universe and each of us as individuals. Time encompasses everything, all of the past, present, and future. Time, then, is truly timeless. This other kind of time, for me, has become synonymous with consciousness, the consciousness of this universe, which holds in it all that has been, is, and will be. It is the great author, the teller of all stories and all histories simultaneously.

These poems are a composite of a small amount of consciousness: mine. It is me falling through my time here on earth. I hope they will resonate with you and your own exquisitely unique and universal consciousness. – FROM SHERRY L. ROSS

“Sherry Ross is an authentic Gothic dream landscapist, a nostalgic story-winder, a cosmic-conscious adept, and a faery conjuror. Certainly, she must be a ‘sensitive’ and a ‘prescient’ whose life is balanced between the rigors of a normal life and what seems, to this author’s understanding, one also in touch with the ‘twilight world.’ By this I mean the cosmos, faeries, gardens, fireflies, the dark wood, dusk, wetness after a rain or dew, slipperiness, moist dirt, autumn leaves, damp grass, remembrances, the lives of her family and herself—that mysterious intersection with its very sheer veil.”
—Dr. Vern G. Swanson, author and editor of over 20 books on art, culture, and religion

When I die
I want the cosmic tour; to break gravity,
pass GO
and swing out into the stars, where
galaxies scatter like so much salt on a hearty meal.
I’ll taste eternity,
sip from time and feast till full.


“I’m not your friend,” the faery firmly
claimed and scraped her thistle crown against my chin,
red droplets formed for which she took the blame;
she said to be my friend would be a sin.

“But still I leave you with a Faerie’s Mark,
for times when you are feeling lost or low.
So here upon your chin I’ve etched a spark,
a star that in the dark will pulse and glow.

Forever now you are in faeries’ debt.
Whether or not you use the Elven star,
I’ve bound you to our realm in time’s deep net
made from all there is both near and far.”

With no more explanation she was gone.
The nighttime forest encircled me alone.
I wandered dazed until I reached the pond,
which meant somehow I’d finally made it home.

And now my life has never been the same,
for deer and even bear will walk with me,
and squirrels tease and act completely tame,
sharing nuts and drinking from my tea.

My friends and family treat me like I’m mad
and ask me where I got my tattooed star.
They say the glow must come from something bad,
a poisonous dye that’s made me odd and marred.

I spend my days and nights within the woods,
and forage what I need from what is there.
I know all herbs and mushrooms, which are good,
and learned to balance all with love and care.

I live in two worlds now; belong to none,
and when I’m feeling sad, I touch the star —
sweet faerie songs then come and comfort some,
but the mark is both a blessèd-curse and scar.

And now until my days are truly done,
I have no choice but wait to really know,
by both great portals will I now be shunned?
To which dear realm will then I finally go?


“Falling Through Time is a masterful collection of poems, which could have been written only by a poet at the height of their powers. There is a sense that the boundaries of time—almost life itself—are there to be pushed at, broken down, a deep yearning to break free and understand what is beyond. “The poems in this deeply personal volume move from the sharp, detailed vignettes of remembered moments to a more abstract, transcendental finale, reminiscent of the Northumbrian poet Kathleen Raine.” —Steve Griffin, poet and author of The Things We Thought Were Beautiful, Up in the Air, The Boy in the Burgundy Hood, The Girl in the Ivory Dress, and the Tirthas series.


OTHER BOOKS BY SHERRY: Seeds of the Pomegranate | The Vinetrope Adventures, Book 1 Visit her @thevinetropeadventures

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