We wanted to tell you about this charming and possibly irresistible new tome by Opal Luna, Fiber Magick, which celebrates the witchy power of crochet, knotwork, and other fiber crafts. You can see find it at https://www.llewellyn.com/product.php?ean=9780738765426

Just look at how lovely this is. (Nicole Tuttle of Glass Turtle Crochet made this witch hat from the book, while our own Lisa Gill took this enchanted photo):

Here are a few words from Opal about the book:

Long before I identified as a witch, I felt the magick in crochet. My granny Lula taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old. It became a source of comfort and escape for me even then. Years later, when I was introduced to witch craft as a serious spiritual practice I took to candle magick and kitchen witchery right away. I began to see that the correspondences of sympathetic magick could be applied to my crocheting as well. Poppet and talisman could be enhanced with layers of intention as you embellished with color, herbs, and oils. The principles of knot magick and energy storage can affect every stitch made. The possibilities for real magick were endless.

This book started out as my personal book of shadows. The journaling I did while setting out the details of my new modality took shape. I always knew I wanted to write a book. This gave me the subject. Llewelyn gave me the opportunity. Fiber Magick was manifested. I know that there are many crafters out there in the Craft and making things with your hands is so magickal. I hope folx enjoy really combining the two and find ways to make the crafty more spiritual and the spiritual more crafty. 

The projects in this book are geared toward the beginner with a few challenges for the intermediate. There is a bit of knot tying and weaving to get you started with the basic energy work, then chapter seven sends you down the rabbit hole of crochet. No matter how far you get with the crochet skills there is magick to be worked at every step. There is also advice as to how to apply the principles of Fiber Magick to any of your hobbies. Anytime you are working with your hands you are infusing that item with energy. Why not do so intentionally? 

To sum up, Fiber Magick is a Spiritual Path for the crafter. It blends Knot Magick and Sympathetic Magick and takes it into an art form.
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