Enchanting Words From Pendragon Shoes

If anyone can make shoes fit for a magical beast and those who love them, it's these enchanted Australian cobblers. And a few words from Pendragon:Since...

Stitch Magic

PHOTOGRAPHY BY GRACE NUTH I encountered intentional sewing as a concept when my Gothic-literature-loving mother gave me Barbara Michaels’s Georgetown trilogy, which explores the possibility...
All photos © Olga Valeska

Olga Valeska: An Authentically Folkloric Life

All photos © Olga Valeska Authenticity is such an important quality in a truly cozy, hygge life. And in this digital age of constant communication...

Greeting From The Northern Hemisphere

Mother Nature’s magical wheel turns ever so slowly. Listen closely and pay mind to the slight shifts and changes happening every day or they...
Jessica Clark-Bojin Baby Yoda Pie

Warm-Baked Artistry

There is a moment in the charmingly cozy and whimsical television show Pushing Daisies when the handsome young pie maker says, “Candy is sweet,...

Chasing The Light

Perhaps the best word to describe what it’s like to look at Zaria Forman’s artwork is tactile. Instead of depicting rolling hills or gurgling...

Toby Froud and The Dark Crystal

All photos © Kevin Baker / Netflix As the son of famed fairy painter Brian Froud and fairy sculptor Wendy Froud, artist Toby Froud grew...
terri foss enchanted living magazine

Artist Terri Foss Chats About Manifesting Magic

We’ve long been enchanted by artist Terri Foss, whose Instagram feed is full of her incredibly charming, witchy paintings of crescent moons and wild,...

Mister Finch Lives in a Fairy Tale World

All images, except where noted, from Mister Finch: Living in a Fairytale World by Mister Finch © 2014, published by Glitterati Incorporated. GlitteratiIncorporated.com Article From...
Alphonse Mucha, The Nature, around 1900. Collection F. W. Neess, Photo- Museum Wiesbaden : Bernd Fickert

The Exhibition of A Lifetime

Feature Image: Alphonse Mucha, The Nature, around 1900. Collection F. W. Neess, Photo- Museum Wiesbaden : Bernd Fickert They come one after another, these treasures,...