Beneath the Witch’s Hat

Photography by Alassie It’s as essential—as elementary really—to the vintage witch as a broom or flowing skirts. No, even more so. Much more than pointy...

Cabinet of Curious Clay

If you enjoy well-made, gleaming gorgeous ceramics but prefer your pottery festooned with ghosts, bats, skeletons, and the occasional demon or in the form...

Séance Stitches

You might not realize how much you covet intricate embroidery depicting scenes of graveyards, spiritualist-era séances, and the occasional Black Phillip until you see...

The Illustrated Conjurings of Daria Hlazatova

Daria Hlazatova is capable of magic. Paper is her cauldron, and pens are her wands. With these, she summons worlds wherein each person inhabits...
Odysseus and Scylla by Annie Stegg

The Fantastic Worlds of Annie Stegg

We could not help but notice that one of our favorite artists, Annie Stegg, whose work we’ve featured numerous times on these pages as...

Glowwood Oracle Card Deck By Lisa Biletska + Interview

We wanted to tell you about Glowwood, a brand-new oracle card deck and companion book rooted in ecology created by Ukrainian-American artist and writer Lisa Biletska....
“The Moon” from the Divine Feminine Tarot by Corina Nika.

Dark Moon Decadence

Feature Image: “The Moon” from the Divine Feminine Tarot by Corina Nika. You can tell a new tale from an old one by the...
Madonna (1895–1902), by Edvard Munch

The Eternal Feminine of The Damned

Imagine this: A nubile dancer named Salome struts before a lustful king. She wields her bejeweled half-dressed body like a weapon. Her desire? To...

Aubrey Beardsley and the Weight of Decadence

The Peacock Skirt (1893), by Aubrey Beardsley If you’re anything like me, you might have increased in mass over the past eighteen months. While the...
Alyssa Blackwell Broomsticks

Blackwell and Broomsticks

Alyssa Blackwell is busily preparing for a craft popular handmade brooms will be bought and treasured by purchasers from all over the Portland, Oregon,...