Artist and model Miranda Hedman shows us how to make a simple version of the more intricate braid seen here.

©Miranda Hedman
©Miranda Hedman

Dragon Queen Braid
Difficulty: Medium

  1. Brush through hair.
  2. Grab three thin strands of hair on one side and begin making a simple three-strand braid like a crown around your head.
  3. Secure with a hair tie and repeat on other side.
  4. Connect the two braids in the back with a hair tie.
  5. The bottom braids will be thicker and a bit more tricky to make. Grab three thicker strands of hair from above the ear.
  6. Begin braiding using the Dutch braid method by taking the strands under and over each other unlike the normal three-strand braid, which goes over and under.
  7. Each time one strand goes under the second one and third, grab a new strand of hair and add it to the first one, just like a Dutch braid.
  8. Continue braiding toward the back of the head by adding more hair to the braid, leaving no hair out.
  9. Secure finished braid with a hair tie.
  10. Repeat braid on the other side and secure. When both braids are secured, grab them with one hand, and tie them together like a ponytail.
  11. The finished look! Now prepare to dazzle!
©Miranda Hedman
©Miranda Hedman

For a more advanced style, you can also braid the upper and lower braids together.

Miranda loves fantasy, dragons, art, photography and film. Photographer Magda Lindblom also assisted with this photo shoot.

Faerie Magazine Issue #26, Spring 2014, Print

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